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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

It has been a week full of weird weather,  photoshoots and lots of autumn colors.
In May.

This week was full getting ready for a photo shoot with my Balsam Hill family.
It was an outdoor shoot- with several areas for catalog and digital shoots on the agenda.  And I got to see some brand new pieces that will be available soon- that are absolutely incredible. Cannot wait to share them.

A few behind the scenes sneaks:

What it looks like on camera:

And what it looks like further back:

Ladders, 'leaves' pumpkins and lots of photography tools- not to mention furniture and other pieces used for other photos.  So much fun.

Bedroom Bliss

I am so behind over here on some of the spring stylings I was going to share... and so, I am moving onto summer.

I started to snap some photography for a few bedroom changes this week- and yes, that little 'Pea' decided she wanted in on the photos. Ever since the book- she has decided she kind of likes to be the center of attention. I will share more about why next week. :)

Peony Love

It is kind of self explanatory... but yes, I am loving the peonies that are in the house right now. Some that are full of rich decadent color and some that are barely blushing. I love them all.

And these are part of 2 special projects I am working on right now which means I am doing more than just enjoying their blooms- which are literally the size of a hand they are so.big.

Walnuts & Cauliflower

An interesting twist on 'sloppy joe's'... when you are vegetarian- some of those recipes aren't the easiest to make. Of course, you can use meat replacements- but sometimes- you want to try something new.

My husband decided to try making sloppy joes with walnuts and cauliflower last week. And they were incredible. As a side note: Know that using walnuts is actually not a totally crazy idea- we enjoyed some amazing vegan food in New Orleans that was made with walnut protein a couple years ago- and have seen it popping up here and there. They may look interesting... but they are actually good. I am thinking the man needs to write a vegetarian cookbook all about creating recipes people love in a healthier way. haha.

Something for You

I am working away on something new for you. Something to do with celebrating something, giving away a bunch of somethings, and something that is exclusive for you.  I know- that is a lot of somethings! haha.

I can't share yet-but stay tuned for a sneak peek and the first chance to get involved- it is something you won't want to miss.

Coming your way- another installment of High Point Market inspiration, how to keep cut lilacs looking good longer, my new favorite bedding (under $100!) and taking you along on a vintage inspired re-design from start to finish.

Have a safe Memorial Day- and in between the bbq's and beach days- remember the reason behind the day off.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. So beautiful, love your photos Courtney, you are a clever lady.
    So vintage, soft and feminine. Have a great day. xxx

  2. I am soooo in love with the vegetarian ideas you share...always a treat! beautiful styling as well....hugs!

  3. It's been so long since I visited your blog. But everytime I come here, you never cease to amaze me, Courtney! Love the veg ideas today :) Love you :) BTW, the pictures are flawless like always! Just like you ;)

  4. Always love your "Weekend Views" and looking forward to all of your "somethings"!!! Have a great weekend!

  5. I don't mind looking at Autumnal pictures, my time of the year:). Sweet Pea is perfect photo doggie:).
    Happy Memorial Day!
    Kathleen in Az