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Sneak Peek & making a Flower Crown

It has been a whirlwind couple of days in Charleston this weekend
and has been such a wonderful getaway- and so much fun to catch up with friends.

I am on the road today and  catching up a bit - but will be back to regularly scheduled blogging programming soon.
Since my planned post had a bit of a bump back (you will be excited for the reason why!) 
today, I thought I would  share a little sneak peek at something in my book instead.

One of the things I worked on when photographing the book was adding special touches to each styling.
From an abundance of flowers in every room (of course) to simple things touches that add a certain something to the everyday look.

Like a new old flower crown for a statue on the sideboard.

Flower crowns are so easy to make and such a charming accent hanging on a wall or on a knob on an old cupboard door- and they are perfect for chunky crumbly statues too.
This flower crown actually started as one that I made at Moss Mountain Farm last year.
 I brought it home with me and dried it in my office on the doorknob- where it also added a sweet touch as you walked in the room.
And I decided to dress it up a bit with a few small spray roses that I had dried and give it a bit more oomph and place it on the statue. I also tucked some dried grasses in to round out the ones that crumbled.

I left the dried leaves that were originally on the crown for that touch of green - they dried to such a perfect color. And then I placed the crown right on this cutie and called it good.
The secret to drying those spray roses?
My favorite way is to simply let them dry right in the vase on their own.  I discovered it was the best way when I had left flowers on the table when I left for a trip- and came back to find them perfectly dried right in the vase. I think the process of drying while maintaining just a bit of moisture from the water kept them from turning brown - and preserved the petals.

You can find the How To Make steps for a similar flower crown-  in my post here.

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Which is pretty fantastic I think.

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Another sneak peek and story will be coming your way along with that giveaway the first giveaway- coming your way very soon!

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Your book looks so yummy and beautiful can't wait to see it all

  2. Courtney, It was wonderful to meet you here in Charleston. (I was meeting with Karianne Saturday morning as you joined the group in the restaurant.) I had no idea your style was so much like mine. Simply gorgeous! I look forward to following you and enjoying your romantic style!

  3. Happy Monday Courtney! Love your romantic style so much. I'm asking for your book for my birthday, fingers crossed.

  4. Hi Courtney. I’m so excited, I just ordered (pre-ordered) your book. I can’t wait to get it. I love your decor style and your home.
    Hope you had a wonderful time at Haven.

  5. The crown is so sweet on that little guy, getting very excited to browse your book!