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Weekend view

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week has been all about catching up after a fun and busy Haven conference and couple of days of play in Charleston, Peonies... in July and more.

Peonies... in July

Might be a first folks- but yes, my husband bumped into a big bucket of peonies at the market. Peonies are usually wrapped up much earlier but this year, seem to have been a bit late and have had some staying power.

I have been snapping a few things here and there with them and simply enjoying their bigger than my hand blooms. (and there is a sneak peek of a new something I picked up!)


I loved Charleston so much- the architecture. The charm of the history. The people. The water of course.
But... can we talk about the mosquitos? I know we covered humidity and heat last week - and that was insanity. But something else that is INSANE... I literally have something like 40-50 mosquito bites on my legs right now.  I will spare you a photo...

I loved sitting on our balcony at our hotel, in the adirondacks by the water and wandering the beach trails by the marshes. And apparently, the mosquitos loved me.
We have mosquitos here... but oh my.  I have never been bit this many times before. Even while camping without at tent. When my uber driver said the mosquito was the state bird- he was not lying.

Making Fairytale Magic

I am working on a fairytale styling and am SO excited to get started. It might involve a bit of storybook romance, dreamy charming details and... twinkle lights. Which I know surprises you. About as much as those flowers I am using as well :) This photo is from an older post- but think magic...


This summer has absolutely zoomed by. And when I say that.. I mean ZOOMED. It went from June 1st- to almost the last week of July. In a blink.

I have been playing a bit of catch up with some renovation projects (remember that 90% phenomenon?) And I am tackling a refresh in my closet- which I am excited about. And I have also been doing a lot of daydreaming.
Seems this season has me reflecting a bit & I have started back up with running and biking  almost every day- but my cranky knee prevented me tackling too many days in a row for awhile. I have been using turmeric and have seen a huge improvement.  Do any of you take turmeric everyday? I am a huge fan.
A lot of people ask me about why I like to run - and the answer might surprise you. I will share more about my relationship with running in a post soon.

Release Party

We are in the countdown- 24 days till my book is released.
Remember how I mentioned I have a whole lot of fun planned for the book release?
I do. And it all starts this week.

The first giveaway will be up this week- and I am also giving away a special gift from me for ANY and all preorders.  Because pre-orders are apparently super important to the success of a book-and so am keeping fingers crossed you will be placing an order soon- and thank you if you have already ordered- I appreciate it so much and want to say thank you! Stay tuned for the gifts and giveaway fun along with another behind the scenes story.

 Pre-Order Here 

Coming your way:

A table and simple flower topped cake that is perfect for summer parties.
A behind the scenes from the book- and the first giveaway.
And a peek at that fairytale magic in the making.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Hi....I live in mosquito country, Maryland's Eastern Shore, try some lavender EO on those bites, and I'm a huge fan of turmeric too, as well as chia seeds. Looking forward to the book. Have a nice week.!!

    1. Thank you for the tip! Will do! Itchy even a week later is crazy!!

  2. I just ordered your book. Such lovely photos in the preview pages! I love your decorating style and I know the book will be beautiful and inspiring.Thanks for the turmeric tip- I will give it a try. I also have a knee which gives me some trouble- I think from years of aerobics. Wishing you the best on your book release.

    1. Thank you so much!! Turmeric is wonderful. I have it everyday and if absolutely helps. I feel it if I miss too many days.

  3. I CANNOT WAIT to receive your book! I had pre-ordered it through Amazon and it still says date pending. Do you know if it will ship in 24 days as well?

    1. Yes, it isn't released until August 14th so won't ship for a few more weeks- but preorders get theirs shipped first. :)

  4. I CANNOT WAIT to receive your book! I had pre-ordered it through Amazon and it still says date pending. Do you know if it will ship in 24 days as well?

  5. How do you take Turmeric? Where do you buy it? May be a dumb question, but is it in the spice rack? What does it do for you-help sore muscles ?

    1. Not a dumb question at all. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. I like the taste of it in food- but generally, I put it in just a bit almond milk with a bit of pepper and drink it that way. It helps with your joints and overall inflammation. You can google Turmeric benefits and it will bring up a whole bunch of info that should help.

  6. So excited about your book. So many great things to look forward to this week. Best wishes!

  7. Just pre-ordered your beautiful book! So excited to receive it. I love your style!! Best wishes and good luck with your book launch! :)