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Early autumn decor in the kitchen

Can you believe it is already time to start sprinkling bits of  autumn around the house?

I am all about simple and natural.
It is pretty much my go -to motto.
I love natural bits- like acorns, wheat, branches and fruit.
In addition to the soft toned pumpkins of course- 
but with no pumpkins in the house just yet
I am keeping it simple with a few other ways to warm up the room with seasonal touches.

Things like stacks of breadboards and copper in abundance.

Bowls full of rosy apples on the counter 
and pretty pomegranates in a wood bowl on the island.

With just a few sprigs of silver dollar eucalyptus- 
these bunches of pomegranate were pretty much perfection.
And in a break from my usual pastels- and soft blush pinks- 
I was feeling a bit more bold with those rosy toned pomegranates.

I know... what has happened.
I love natural wood as well- these simple chargers stacked up for a pretty stand for a vintage copper bowl. And I love the wooden bowls in the background as well. I tend to like to echo elements
and think in layers- like wood, copper, etc.
And those wax covered gold candles on the island while I was gathering up table setting elements
became part of the photo. Because- they were speaking to me just sitting there looking pretty.

Sometimes it is the unexpected element that makes the mingle work and adds more interest.

Of course that stack of copper under the island and on repeat on the counter and range
brings a cozy warm feeling-especially when paired with the natural woods.

Simple and sweet is key for me- especially when talking about early seasonal touches.
And... something else that is a favorite- that I confess I have in my kitchen as is?

A vintage blue can with gorgeous green hydrangeas.
That is pretty much early autumn perfection if you ask me.

Will be sharing more about this treasure soon
and don't miss any of my crazy talented 
friends who are sharing their early autumn kitchen decor as well.

You can also find more autumn inspiration like this one of our greenhouse-  inside the pages of my new book French Country Cottage available here. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!!


  1. Those hydrangeas in the blue can are incredible!!! What a find!

  2. I would like to believe that great minds think alike (if I only was half as talented as you)! Today, before I even read your post, I pulled out some copper candles, wood slices, and autumn inspired English dish ware to put on my patisserie glass serving stand that sits in the middle of my large kitchen island. I am not quite ready for pumpkins yet, but have a large bowl of apples we just picked yesterday during our weekend in the mountains.
    Though it will remain quite warm here in Phoenix until the end of the month, I am feeling a touch of autumn in the morning air and am ready for fall decorating! Keep the beautiful photos coming.

  3. I love your mixture of woods and copper. Stunning!

  4. Beautiful as always and such sweet little touches

  5. Love seeing your gorgeous kitchen in every season!

  6. Thank you so much for hosting Courtney! All of your fall decor is elegant and lovely as always.

    I would love to purchase and autographed copy of your new book!

    Have a great weekend!
    Follow The Yellow Brick Home

  7. I want to be you when I grow up lol. I always try to recreate your vignettes how do you get your candles dripping with wax? Love that look.

  8. I love the chandelier! Do you remember the source? And I love natural coasters like agate and wood slices. Just beautiful.

  9. So pretty! I have got to get something copper in my kitchen! Thanks for all the inspiration!