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Weekend View

Easy like Sunday morning...

quiet moments sipping coffee and taking a bit of time to simply 'be' are perfect for the weekends.

Especially after a busy few days.
I have shared before that I am one of those girls who is a night owl... and an early morning girl.
But lately, I have been enjoying getting up early and taking a few moments to savor the quiet while I sip.

Sand covered Pups

We spent a week on the coast while in Southern California and aside from sandy toes and wind blown hair, these two had a glorious time chasing each other on the beach and digging holes in the sand. Cleo is a definite digger- she sticks her entire face into the sand and keeps going and going. 

Sweet Pea is more of a 'I'll help for a minute and then I'm just going to watch you look like a goofball when you are covered in sand'. It was Cleo's first time at the ocean- and we think Sweet Pea's too but since she was adopted- we aren't sure. Either way-  they both loved the beach so much.


My usual morning run is a walk right now. And I am okay with that. It is so good to be out walking good distance again on that sprained ankle. 

And while I don't really get into the zone I tend to get into while running - that quiet time walking  a few miles boosts my mood so much.

Work & Play

This week, I have been working on a halloween styling to share with you. And I will admit- I got a bit moody while playing. Here is a peek- and I have to say, kind of loving those rich dramatic colors which are totally different from my usual go to pastels.

Stay tuned for more coming your way this week.

Something exciting

I have been working on something with friends at Soft Surroundings in the past few months- and we are this.close. to finally sharing more.

A hint? It has something to do with French Country Cottage. Soft Surroundings. 
And something for you.

A New Romance

A few changes...
 I wrapped up my last issue working with Romantic Homes in September.
It has been so much fun working with them and I enjoyed the year I worked as their editor and learned a whole lot about magazines and publishing and alllll the amount of work that goes into print.
And in August, I took some time off and stepped back to work on launching my book and book tour travels and some exciting opportunities that I can hardly wait to share with you (hopefully soon.) and I wrapped up the issues I was working on and resigned from RH in September.
I am grateful for the fun and experience of being their editor- and I know the next editor and they  will do an amazing job!

Going to Texas Ya'll 

I have pulled out my boots and been perfecting my southern drawl all week- because, I am heading to Texas next week for 2 book signings and a bit of fun with my friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farm. If you are going to be in Round Top on Tuesday- we will be in 2 spots signing books and chatting with friends.

First up- Blue Hills with another friend- CedarHill Farmhouse. 
We will be in her booth for a couple of of hours with books in hand.

And then we are heading over to Old Glory where Holly is hosting a fun evening of antique shopping, live music and drinks and-  a book signing. 

And North Carolina

And looking ahead- at High Point Market- 
I will be signing books and celebrating French Country Cottage with my Eloquence family.

The signing is on Saturday October 13th from 4-6pm in the Eloquence showroom.

No need to register for market to go to the signing- so if you are local- jot it down and come on by.
And if you are at market- hope to see you there too.

We Ship!!

And if you can't make it to a book signing- 
 you can purchase a signed copy of my book - 
with FREE shipping.

Ch-ch-ch- Changes

And on a side note- I mentioned some changes behind the scenes
just wanted to let you know that I wrapped up working on November and December with Romantic homes this week- and am handing off the torch to the next editor.
It has been such a fun year working with them- and I am grateful for the experience- but with my book releasing- I am pouring my energy into that and am focusing on some really exciting new opportunities that I cannot wait to share with you all hopefully soon.
Thanks so much for your support as always!!

Coming your way

A moody halloween table setting 
A neutral autumn mantel
Bold and beautiful ideas for your thanksgiving table
and my favorite tips for 5 minute decorating- staring that series up again.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Oh! Look for my sister, Peggy Cones! She is in a tent at the Red Barn. Her shop is called Cones Cupboard from Sweetwater , TN.

  2. You will love TEXAS. You will probably want to stay. Changing your address will be easy.

  3. So much fun, meeting new people and sharing your wonderful new book! I can't wait until your bike and blooms market bag is back in stock too. Have a beautiful week, enjoy.

  4. Happy the doggies enjoyed the beach:). Have fun in Texas and I love the cozy blanket too. Kathleen in Az

  5. Oooh, love the new profile pic. Gorgeous baby blues!