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Elegant and natural autumn mantel decor

When it comes to autumn- I am all about decorating that is natural and simple.

Like a mantel put together with just dried hydrangeas, eucalyptus and pumpkins
and a sprinkle of pixie dust.

Okay... not really pixie dust of course. But there is an element that brings a certain magic to an otherwise very simple styling.

This mantel incorporates several of my favorites for fall.

Well, other than heirloom pumpkins of course.

There is something about those soft blues, sage greens, muted yellows and this year- even the soft purple and blush colors of dried hydrangeas that speak autumn to me.

They are simple and easy to live with colors- which for me is key.
I am not a big orange pumpkin in the house person because that bold color 
just stands out in my homes muted color palette.
It kind of feels like a tag on a shirt that rubs against your neck.
That pop of bold- can be irritating. 
Where the whites and soft colors feel cohesive and relaxing.

For this mantel- it was literally a five minute styling.
I grabbed some dried eucalyptus for the base
added a few chunky gray and white pumpkins
and then tucked some of the dried hydrangeas here and there.

And that pixie dust? Aka- the sprinkle of magic. 
It is all about that golden touch.

I love the mix and mingle of the gold with those soft colors and crisp whites.
I left the antique mirror in place as it was and brought
a couple favorite carved and gilded candlesticks over 
for a warm glow.

In the fire box- which in this case is just a back drop- 
I placed an antique metal grape gathering basket filled with more dried hydrangeas for a little bit of interest.

All together- simple, sweet neutral and natural.

With just a little bit of drama.

And charm.

Sometimes the simplest stylings are my favorites.

For those who messaged me about the sale in my shop- the 20% off everything code 
IS working now- 
there was a glitch yesterday but it is fixed.

And to friends in the path of the hurricane- please stay safe
 and evacuate if you are told to. 
Keeping all of those in the path of the hurricane in prayers.