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3 reasons why I love this crochet lace bedding

Back in the day when I was first married
I remember ordering the most beautiful crocheted bedding set.

It was so detailed and intricate in design
and it made me think of vintage bedrooms and all the charm they have.

Over the years my taste went from layers of quilts to simple crisp white linens
and some pieces would be donated and then there were some that I would set  
aside in the linen closet or armoire that were ones to keep.
That crocheted bedding?

Folded up in the linen closet and saved.
It was always too beautiful to let go and so was saved.
And so, the other day... as I sorted through the closet 
there it was. 
 And I knew that it would go perfectly with some incredibly gorgeous bedding
that had just arrived.

This gorgeousness from Shabby Chic.
There are several layers on this bed...
 and I am waiting on a couple more things to arrive.
So since the bedroom isn't 100% wrapped up just yet
I am going to show 2 of the layers today
I am IN LOVE with this bedding.
IN LOVE and I could not wait to share it with you.

You know how sometimes something just 'fits'? 
Your personality. Your sensibility. 
Your style and look 
to a 'T' ?

Like peonies and roses in a vintage container.
Sunshine and the beach.
Beach bicycles and blooms... everywhere.
And details like this. 

Those tassels.
That intricate pattern.
The warmth of something that looks like an heirloom
layered on top of layers.

This is the Cluny Coverlet from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic.
It is a gorgeous all over crocheted lace coverlet that adds the most ridiculous good amount of 
vintage charm to the bed.

I layered it over another piece - the Cluny Lace duvet cover.

And look at the edges... obsessed.
So as I played with layers and lovely 
I settled on 3 reasons why I am in love with vintage crocheted lace.

#1. Vintage Charm

There are quite a few options when it comes to details in bedding or fabrics.
Ruffles, pleats, texture, etc.
But crocheted details offer a whole new look.
They bring a big sense of vintage style and charm to a room.
Even just a touch of it in a pillow case or throw is perfect.

#2.  A Layer of Detail

The best bedding looks for me come in layers. Layers of fabrics, patterns, textures... and details.
You can layer white linen, nubby cotton pillows and toss in a simple faded floral or check pattern
And then you might add a simple quilt or something along those lines as the finishing touch.
Something like a crocheted blanket or throw- also adds a layer of detail.
It is one more feast for the eyes on the bed 
and a certain something that finishes it perfectly.

#3. Simple Elegance

There isn't anything better than simple elegance in a bedroom in my opinion.
I want a peaceful, relaxing palette of colors for creating a quiet retreat
so tend to stay with neutrals and subtle patterns. 
But I also love textures and something special- 
like an aubusson pillow.
And much like aubusson- a crocheted throw just finishes the bed
with simple elegance.
It doesn't shout for attention- it just adds a perfect touch.

Did I mention...  this room is getting a  new look? Paint refresh, a few new pieces, a few pieces from shopping the house and cottage.
Stay tuned for the rest of the bed makeover- 
and a peek at a furniture change in here in the next week.

And... yes indeed. 
That is a Christmas tree reflecting in the mirror.

I am also decking the bedroom for Christmas 
and that is coming your way in just a few weeks as well.

And did I mention that these pieces are on sale this week?
Yes, indeed. 
Shop the look here- 

Happy Monday everyone.

 I collaborated with Shabby Chic to share my favorite bedding beauties with you
but all love and opinions are my own.

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