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A Vintage Style Sofa & Room Design Challenge

Recently, I sat in this very chair
and stared at this very view in High Point, North Carolina.

That rosy blush velvety sofa, gold table stacked with vintage books...
kind of speaking my language... and as I snapped a few more photos 
The layers, the details and the overall of a room and design that started with just a sofa
and a challenge.

And first up- you may want to refill your coffee.
This is a looooong post folks.
All about a little sofa that could. 

Let's go back to the beginning.
An email from a certain furniture company 
asking if I would be up for joining a design challenge.

One that involved a sofa
and my own design and imagination.

And side note on that...

A caveat was that we had to design the entire room around the sofa we designed
by grabbing pieces we wanted to use out of a showroom.
In just 30 minutes.
Thirty minutes folks.
As in 3-0.  
Dashing through a huge showroom
tagging pieces you wanted before someone else did
and putting everything you need to design a room together without knowing exactly what was there...
and with only knowing what the sofa you designed looked like- 
though not seeing it in person yet-
and do it all and do it wonderfully
 in 30 minutes.

Well then.
That was a challenge indeed.

But I was intrigued  and I was going to be at High Point Market earlier that week for a few events and  it sounded fun...
so I jumped at the chance to design my own sofa
and then design a room around it. know me.

I have a very vintage style.
I don't like big oversized sofas
or chunky lines.
I like dainty.
Delightful and charming.
And something that is vintage or has a vintage vibe.

I wasn't 100% sure I would find that with this showroom
but just thinking about it- I  already had a vision. 
I was thinking velvet. 
And simple style and details.
And I waffled between white and a color. Considered bold even.
But I wanted to stay true to my aesthetic.
And I found this color- and it was so soft and lovely...
but... a bit outside of what I would normally do because- I am a 
white slipcover or linen kind of girl.

But... there was something about that rosy blush velvety chenille that said 
'Pick Me' 
And... I placed the order.

And then I headed off to High Point Market and spent 6 days working while there
and as I drove back across the countryside to High Point- I started to think about that sofa.
And a few butterflies (and exhaustion haha) moved in as I thought about at seeing it all together.

And I got a little giddy.

Rosy blush velvety chenille goodness
tufting upon tufting
muted blonde wood legs
and simple lines and a perfect dainty size

It was a vintage modern style sofa called The Alexandria 

Yes indeed. This is part of their new Urban Attitudes collection- and I am loving it.
Did you know that their sofa's and chairs are all customizable? 
Choose your fabric. Choose your leg finish. Choose your pillows. They will make Your design dream come true.
And the Alexandria is an incredible sofa. 
SO comfy. 
I was pretty much ready to curl up for a nap while there haha - and this sofa was quite inviting. 

I love how this it turned out wearing that soft fabric
and what about the rest of the room?

The pieces where I shopped the showroom 
without knowing exactly what I would be decorating?
The ones I needed to find and tag in 30 minutes?
Well, here is the rest of the room.

I was excited to find some elements that stayed true to what I love in a space.

Vintage style industrial tables brought that touch of glam.
I stacked vintage books from the prop room on them
and added just a few simple touches on top- like flowers of course. 

The nubby woven ottoman 

and detailed pillows on the sofa brought the texture 
I was looking for.

and they were a perfect compliment to the sofa fabric.

I also found these gorgeous ottomans in a shade in the same family as the sofa.

Though they didn't go where I first thought they might- they were perfect
and especially with the faux fur throws.

I also grabbed the mirror and faux tree in the showroom as well.

Off to the side- I chose a delightful fireplace mantel to style.

And found all the items on the mantel in the prop room.

Gold candlesticks
and this amazing antique clock

Stacks of books and a few sprigs of flowers.

Another little tray table was a vintage find in the prop room

And I grabbed artwork in gold frames in the showroom- 
and these have a bit of a secret- which  I will share in the next post.

After our rooms were done- 
they brought in  hair and makeup folks to perk us up
for some photos and videos.
And it was a TON of fun spending a couple of days with La-Z-Boy in High Point
shopping a brand new showroom for brand new pieces in 30 minutes
and then decorating a room and bringing in your own vintage style 
in Under 4 hours

And that La-Z-Boy sofa in the finished room felt a bit like the little engine that could.

And here is the fun part...

There were 7 other bloggers there designing sofas and rooms too.
And La-Z-Boy is doing a contest where 
YOU can win a $15,000 prize
and one of us can win as well.

Click on over to vote for your favorite sofa and room 
(if that is yours truly- thank you!)

And don't forget that you can 
vote (enter) every single day for the next month 

Pretty awesome right? 

What do you think of how this sofa and room came out?

I was compensated by La-Z-Boy to participate in their Design Dash Challenge-but all opinions are my own


  1. I just voted for you. Love the blush color with the gold. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Penny!! Blush and gold are favorites- and a chandelier would have been the perfect finishing touch! :)

  2. Love what you put together in such a short amount of time. That color worked out so well with everything you put in the room. Hope you win!

    1. Thank you so much!! The color really did turn out so pretty!!

  3. Just voted for you! I had to smile at your choice, Courtney. I grew up in the 50s and my parents had a two piece sectional sofa much in this style in a blush fabric very much like this. One of my nieces now has the sofa transformed to her colors and style. What I admire about your room is that it feels comfy and soft. I'm not a fan of mid-century modern, but you make this work. So attractive!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah!! And so funny about the sofa in the 50's!! I love that story! And yeah, I don't have too much mid-century modern in my own home- but can appreciate the clean lines too. :)

  4. I just voted for you. The soft pink sofa and touches throughout the living room are beautiful!

  5. I just voted for yours! I really thought it was beautiful!

  6. Love the colour....i just voted for you too.

  7. Love it all! You did an Awesome job!

  8. Love it all! You did an Awesome job!

  9. I just voted for you, Courtney! Looks great. You decorated true to your style with what you could find. Hope you win!

    1. Thank you!! I definitely tried to achieve my style with this challenge as much as I could. Kind of fun to get outside the usual box and try something new. :)

  10. totally voted for you, dude - you got this!

    1. Aww thanks so much Michele! I hope all is well with you and yours! xo

  11. You started with a pink couch, natural legs. You turned it into a airy French coastal 30 minutes. GREAT, GREAT JOB.....

  12. Voted for your room which was by far the prettiest most thought out space. Everyone else looked generic and boring. Your room is feminine and classic and very inviting. I hope you win!

  13. What a great opportunity for you and of course you nailed it! All the rooms came out beautiful, but I do have to say I loved yours the best and voted for you! Good Luck Courtney hope you win!

    1. Aww thanks Alison! It was such a fun couple of days with La-Z-Boy! Appreciate your vote!

  14. That soft blush is fabulous and it's cozy and warm. Fabulous job!

  15. I love the room! You made modern look so elegant and beautiful! Voted for you!

  16. I love the room and voted for you too ! My thing with sofas is I have short legs and it's hard finding a sofa with a short seat. Lazy Boy are you listening ?