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Christmas Memories & gift ideas

'Christmas was always my most favorite time of year while growing up. And I think that feeling and those memories are the reason I enjoy the holiday season so much as an adult.'

The first Christmas as parents... we did something crazy.
And at the time- it made absolute perfect sense.

My husband and I were young parents and the excitement of Christmas was almost too much as we picked up cute little stuffed animals, plastic toys that squeaked and rings you could stack for hours. We also bought practical things- like new 'wow-wow's' (aka pacifiers) and cute little Christmas jammies. That sweet little first born baby boy and his first Christmas brought a whole new level excitement and anticipation for us.

And so, we wrapped the packages. We clipped fresh greens and decked the halls in our little house. And went to bed on Christmas Eve after driving around looking at Christmas lights. And we were full of almost too much energy for new parents... just waiting for Christmas morning and all that magic.

The next morning, we got up early and snuck downstairs. We poured coffee and sipped and smiled just waiting for Ryan to wake up and experience Christmas.
And after about an hour-we did something crazy. Something that only young first time parents might think was a good idea....

We snuck upstairs and started to whisper... 'Ryan? Are you awake?' 
And he stirred a bit... and then his little eyes opened up and we were so excited he was awake and ready for Christmas.
Seriously. We woke up a quietly sleeping baby, folks. 
We could have slept in that morning and caught up on OUR sleep. But we got up early, bounced downstairs and then not so patiently waited for our new baby to get up. 

Even worse? 
You know how old Ryan was his first Christmas? 
3 months old.
First timers folks. Young and excited first time parents. 

Years later, when those little feet would run down the hall and bounce up onto our bed- we would pull the covers over our heads as the kids told us that Santa had come and we had to get up NOW because they were so excited. At 5am. Payback I suppose....
But I can remember sitting by the tree sipping coffee while it was dark outside as their faces were lit by just the tree lights and seeing all the wonder in their eyes.
So many good memories. :)

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I'll be back soon with some favorite gift ideas!!


  1. Unless a child was born in January their first Christmas were they get all excited about Santa is their second Christmas but so many first time parents don't get that

  2. I love the Christmas holiday and all the chaos that accompanies it. My children love to decorate the house with Christmas trinkets. The lights glow and the smell of cinnamon ... this is the moment in which I melt.