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A NYE inspired table & 5 tips for festive decor

Fresh flowers and mixed green garland

This table started out dressed for Christmas
but with just a few changes- you can take those Christmas decorations 
and use them for NYE celebrations- starting with those garlands.

All that garland on the front door?
Or the one on the stair railing?
Grab it and take it indoors (or outdoors) 
and use it as a starting point for a table centerpiece.

Seriously. simple.  and it fits the season so well.
And you can use faux garland or fresh garland- unless it is dried out of course.
Then- you may have to stick with faux.

I grabbed an extra length of fresh cedar garland and placed it down the center of the table out in front of the fireplace. 

I set the table with my favorites- those lace covered dishes and gilded glasses from 
Arte Italica

Serious. Love.

And then added some of the simple little candles for a bit of warmth and table light.

To make the garland feel a bit less Christmasy - I added peonies to it.
These are simply tucked in place for the evening- and with the chill in the air recently
will last all night without wilting.

With a cozy fire in the fireplace
twinkle lights 
and the shadows of the majestic old oak tree and branches above 
the table is set for a fun evening out under the stars waiting for the fireworks 
and toasts to begin.

This table started out like this- with a garland and an abundance of candles.
You might remember this post. 

And honestly- this one would be perfect for NYE too.

A few more tips?

Bring on the bling

I am big on bling and lots of gold all year long- and especially at New Years Eve.
Bring out those gilded glasses, flatware and brass candlesticks
for an extra bit of pizazz on the table and on the sideboard.

Sprinkle some 'snow' or confetti

A quick festive touch- sprinkle a bit of faux snow or glittered confetti on the table top before placing your place settings.
It adds an extra touch of fun for a get together. 
(yes, it is a mess to clean up- but looks great for the party!)

It's almost midnight

A fun thing to do is to mix in a few little clocks or old clock faces on the table or buffet area.
Since counting down to the New Year is always a favorite- the real clocks can be set to chime together on time or they can just look good.

Pop Fizz Clink 

I picked up an inexpensive bag of picks with festive words to add to the flowers and garlands on the table. An easy way to add a quick and simple festive touch without getting too busy.

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle lights are always the best for ambiance and setting the mood.
For NYE- lots of glittery sparkling bits and warm flickering ambiance is perfect.
Use those Christmas trees and decorations to help add a little more magic to your festivities. 
Whether taking center stage or twinkling in the background- you can't go wrong.

Happy almost New Year everyone!!


  1. Happy New Year, Courtney. Beautiful as always. Where are you finding your fresh cedar garlands? And, what pattern are your lovely dishes?

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love your table settings.