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Weekend View

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just over a week away.

Are you done with your shopping yet?
 Not even close over here.

This week has been a bit of a catch up week over here.
After last weekend in L.A. - I have been working on finishing up some odds and ends of Christmas decor and putting some miles every day walking.

Adding Ambiance Outdoors

I decked the greenhouse, strung a few cafe lights and added some twinkling trees behind the sofa in the yard for a fun post for Balsam Hill that was all about tips for twinkling lights at night.   

These gold trees are incredible. 
The amount of twinkle and charm they add is beyond what you would expect from simple little trees. I am loving them. More on the Balsam Hill Blog.

For those who have been asking- the copper fire pit is also from Balsam Hill.

On the patio

I haven't done too much on the patio for Christmas recently- 
other than a simple tree not decorated with anything but twinkling lights.
This year, I added just a few baubles and a festive garland that reminds me of my grandmothers
vintage fruit Christmas greens.

And look at that sweet curious little Cleo. More coming your way.

On the Greenhouse

And I used the same garlands and wreath on the greenhouse- I am loving the simple muted color palette and look that it has this season.

More coming soon.

These boots were made for walkin'

I mentioned last weekend that I went out for a run on the boardwalk and beach in Santa Monica.
My ankle paid for it. I won't lie. It definitely is not 100% but the amount of mental boost and physical boost that run gave me otherwise was worth it.
This week, we stayed with doing the 5-6 mile  hikes. 
 It definitely isn't the same endorphin release as a run for me but I'll take it. 
I am beginning to wonder if my ankle will ever be completely healed though. 
I have a feeling it might have been a worse injury than I realized 
(and than the urgent care doctor realized) 
If you have any tips on strengthening your ankle after an injury- would appreciate them.
This is the same ankle that was first injured when I was about 4 or 5 
and has never really been Fabulous.  I have a bit of a history of walking and rolling it- 
let alone running and rolling it. haha.


A chat with a good friend who always inspires 
 dream plans falling closer to being fully in place and 
that much needed pause and soaking up of all that energy at the ocean.
Sometimes the best things move into your path when you clear the path and open the door
without realizing that you did.
A couple of conversations with good friends who are also huge inspirations 
has definitely been a good thing for all of us.
Sometimes working for yourself can get a bit lonely- and
every time I have a chance to sit and chat, brainstorm and bounce ideas
or just laugh with girlfriends-  so much good energy results.

And can we talk about that this? This is why I don't do selfie's very often.
Only half of me made it into the photo and when I wasn't even smiling yet.
Oh well. haha.

Coming your way
Christmas lights at night- a favorite every year
The Christmas Attic
A round of up of ideas for last minute decorating, baking and gifting
and speaking of gifting...
Tuesday is the also the LAST DAY

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Everything is gorgeous! I am enjoying my copy of French Country Cottage. I do believe we could be such wonderful friends. About your ankle...Courtney I am still in physical therapy after a hip injury from running. I certainly understand that it would have been almost impossible to have cared for this with your busy schedule but I am going to be that friend that tells you what we do not always want to hear.I feel that you most definitely would benefit from structured physical therapy. I too am very busy but with a 93 year old mother needing my care I knew I had to get help. I had NO idea how helpful and how very much I would learn at physical therapy. Ask your orthopedist to schedule you for PT and see it through. I believe you will benefit greatly. take care of you first Courtney. Prayers for a glorious and Blessed Christmas!Janie Foltz

    1. Thanks so much Janie!! I appreciate your note and yes, you are right- physical therapy is not a bad idea at all. I did baby baby baby it until I could walk without any pain- but doing any kind of extended walking on it in boots or heels (I know. I know. wear flats haha) has aggravated it. This week though- it was more likely the 5 miles each day haha because I think I wore my tennies all day long every day. I did go to physical therapy for my shoulder a few years back and it definitely did help. Thanks for the suggestion! And a very merry Christmas to you too!!

  2. I like the greenhouse too and the doggie

  3. My husband insists that's just how it is with ankles--you can't just stop using it, so it takes longer to heal. I rolled my ankle on a black walnut last fall, and it took all of 6 months for it to quit hurting and feel normal again.

    1. Yes, that sounds about right! And the thing is - you can walk on it and it works- you just pay for it later haha. A black walnut sounds like something I would totally roll my ankle on - ouch. Mine was literally just running downhill and I must've hit an uneven spot or rock or something and oh man. I can't remember the last time it rolled that far or landed that hard. I was a mess! haha. I told the urgent care doctor he would have appreciated my attempts to land gracefully. It didn't happen. Thanks or the advice!

  4. The greenhouse and twinkling lights are pretty....But that Cleo is prettier!! You are right about finding people that have your decorating energy. I've always loved decorating inside and out. It would be great to live near you!! You take it easy on that ankle and maybe not home as far at this time! Merry Christmas

    1. Cleo is such a charmer!! She is the sweetest little busy girl :) And yes yes yes on the energy! It makes such a difference to chat with good friends who fill you up. Hope all is well Nancy!! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  5. The greenhouse and twinkling lights are pretty....But that Cleo is prettier!! You are right about finding people that have your decorating energy. I've always loved decorating inside and out. It would be great to live near you!! You take it easy on that ankle and maybe not home as far at this time! Merry Christmas

  6. Your posts are always so lovely, I need to get all my Christmas presents out and see what I have and what is left to get

    1. I do too! I wrapped a few things yesterday and am wondering where I am on the lists!

  7. Courtney, I have your book. It is my escape when I need to just get away. So lovely! And your blog is fast becoming one of my favorites. I hope you have a lovely Christmas!
    Now...a little advice from an old runner. I had a very similar injury and forever after I needed to wrap that ankle if I wanted to run! It needs support! That after it has time to heal! Good luck!
    Chris in West Texas

    1. Hi Chris!
      Thanks so much!! So wonderful to hear you like the book and my blog!! I am so glad you are here! Yes, I should wrap it all the time for sure. I had one of the compression wraps but it was a one size fits all wrap and it was not tight enough on my ankle to do much. I will pick up a good wrap this week and give it a go. And I realize it has only been a few months- it just may need more time. It has always been a roller since I was little- so it fairly weak I suppose. Thanks for your note and advice- have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Everything looks fabulous!
    Your ankle would appreciate what I recently have found....DoTerra Essential oils (they are the best...worth the $$)
    Frankenscense roller applicator....It relieves inflammation and helps heal. I know, sounds weird but its true! There is a bunch of science to it...but it works...

  9. Hi Courtney,

    I am a new fan and absolutely love all your postings. Your greenhouse is soooo cute, did you build this yourself or was it from a kit. Where can I see more pictures of this? I am thinking of having my husband build me one for me but more pictures would be helpful. Thanks so much and I hope your ankle is feeling better soon!!!