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Weekend View

It is a chilly, rainy weekend over here.

Perfect for a cup of hot tea with a bit of honey and lemon
and a little bit of work on the computer while wrapped up in cozy by the fire.

Though, truth be told, I have been working outside.

In the rain

Yes, I am one of those crazy folks who feels like water and rain are kind of like a vitamin.
I love the sounds, the smells, the feeling of water on my skin.
I grew up swimming on a local summer swim team and then year round swim team and in the water was the first place I found myself feeling centered whether in the pool, at the beach or swimming in Lake Tahoe.

When it rains- my creative energy is full and on overload and I love it. So this weekend and the next week- with day after day of rain on the calendar- I am taking advantage of that creative energy and working on a few things behind the scenes and a few things coming your way soon.

Quiet time

You may have noticed a bit of quiet over here on the blog in the past week. January is a reset time. One where I am working on things for the coming year and finding a bit  of center and balance. This year, I have been sleeping in just a bit, hitting pause for a few minutes midday for a cup of tea and chat with friends.

I made a conscious effort and changes in September last year to be able to try to be more in line with where I wanted myself and my blog to be.  To spend more time focusing on working towards dreams and some incredible opportunities for French Country Cottage- and to be fully immersed in launching my book.  It is a balancing act of course- because, this blog is my job and helps our family income. But, it was incredible to close the door to some of what was not in line with where I wanted to go and open the door even wider on what was.

Wine Country Staycation

We started the new year in one of our favorite staycation spots- Calistoga. At the very top of the wine country, Calistoga is a creative, sleepy little town and our always favorite b&b is there- nestled into the tall oaks and vineyards.

The Cottage Grove Inn is one I have shared several times before- and I will be sharing much more about again soon as I am heading back over to do some photography. My favorite part? They are individual little cottages- with fireplaces and cozy porches.

And my brother and his family live in Calistoga now- so it is even better to go up to the wine country for a few days and have fun with my sweet twin nieces.
This is at a winery down the street where we all walked and did a little wine tasting and vineyard sitting.

Hidden behind the flowers

A quick run to the SF Flower Mart on the second day of the new year? Always a good idea.
 Though many of the vendors are closed for the holiday- the ones that are open have so.much.good.stuff and great prices. I loaded up for a project I am working on

Yes, I am behind those big bundles- and this was just a handful of what I found. After soaking up that flower inspiration- my husband and I ventured across the Golden Gate for lunch at a favorite spot before heading home.

Sweet Pea

Look at this face. Can you hear it?

'You know you love me'
'You know you want to give me another treat'
'Here, let me stare at you and stick my tongue out until you get up and get me another treat because... I am cute.'

She sat there and stared at me intently. Stuck her tongue out just a bit and stared some more. I snapped a few photos and yes... she got the treat.
I can't resist that face.


Coming your way this week- my New Years Reflections post (finally!) and a post about finding a bit of quiet time for centering- and how to create that cozy retreat space.
I also have some changes in the bedroom ready to be blogged about soon- and those vintage rugs from my favorite source that I have been teasing will be shared.
On top of that- an amazing Design Influencers Conference coming up,  book tour news and so.much.more.

Hope your first week of 2019 was a great one friends.
Happy Sunday


  1. I take a few of those breaks during the day to just be, with a cup of coffee and a good book or magazine. I think it's important, especially as I get older. Thank you for your inspiration and beautiful pictures. Hope you have a wonderful 2019!

  2. The first week of 2019 was a great week

  3. The flower market sounds divine, such beautiful blooms!xx

  4. You are a lovely lady. Very inspirational to moi .Happy 2019 dear heart.

  5. Just seeing those flowers put me in a trance! How fortunate to have such a find! I wish you a beautiful year ahead--as you have inspired me to regroup as well.

  6. Beautiful hydrangeas, love the color!
    I'm happy you went to your retreat and visted your family. How can you not give in to that sweet face of Sweet Pea:).
    Kathleen in Az