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Simple Ideas, Desserts & Table settings for Valentine's Day

It is that week of the year when foil wrapped chocolate hearts, sweet little notes and a table set with candles and a delicious dessert is on calendar. 
And when pretty roses are the price of gold.

And I tend to look at Valentines Day a bit differently... as in no roses. 
Yes even for this flower loving girl. And there is a reason why.

You might remember my post about Valentine roses and why I tell my husband not to buy them for me. 

It isn't that I don't love roses or him. It isn't that we aren't celebrating that day we fell in love or that we don't like Valentine's day. It is simple, really. 

Valentines week roses are TWICE as much as next weeks roses. And last weeks roses. But they are THE SAME ROSES. 

But they definitely don't feel the same if you have to pay twice as much. 

So instead of roses, we celebrate a bit more simply.
A nice dinner with candles and ambiance- a decadent dessert which is not something we do all the time. 

So for Valentine's ideas that are simple, sweet and that don't require double priced roses- I have rounded up a few favorites for you today.

On the nibbles menu

I like to do something simple like a fruit and cheese board instead of a heavy dinner. 
We love to pair this with a nice salad and cauliflower 'bread' and crackers instead of regular. You know... have to save some of that calorie room for dessert. haha. 
The best thing about a fruit and cheese board- is you can use whatever you like and whatever fits your current diet- lower calorie cheese, lower sugar fruits, omit the bread and honey, etc. 
Find 8 cheese board essentials to get you started and refine to what works for you.

On the Dessert Menu

I am all about cheesecake for Valentines day... or any celebrating kind of day really. These 4 cheesecakes are THE BEST. I could eat them every day.... which is why I am making just 1/2 the recipe this time haha. 

Double chocolate, creamy blueberry topped and this peanut butter cup one... that I am making today. (so delicious!)

Of course, if cheesecake isn't your thing- you can always make a simple berry topped rustic cake

And on the Table 

3 ideas on a dime- a whole post full of ideas and links for getting the high end look for less.

Like these chargers - are incredibly detailed- and priced SO well. 

This pattern is one of my absolute favorites and is always on repeat over here.

Paired with gold- it is a perfect mix and mingle. 
This one has loads of details and comes in a larger set so the cost per piece is less than some of the others. I paired them with vintage china for a unique look.

I will be doing a spring table layering post with lots of info on where I find all the elements I use in the next week - stay tuned.

Hope that helps give you some ideas - happy Wednesday everyone! 

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  1. I love table settings of all seasons. Love to mix and match. That idea always is the best way to go. Your table was just"golden".. Ready for love and light.💕CeeCee Mc

  2. Couldn't agree more, Courtney! I also feel the same about buying flowers already arranged. I'd rather have a bouquet for much less and arrange them myself. Happy Valentine's Day to your and your sweetheart.

  3. Lots of great ideas here! One thing is for sure -- you and my husband think alike about Valentine's roses! I'll get mine next week! :)

  4. Love you images! Cake looks amazing

  5. Wonderful Valentine's ideas, Courtney! I jumped over to look at those melamine chargers and they are IDENTICAL to a couple of tin serving trays I have and painted white; that's why I took a double-take! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby, <3
    Barb :)

  6. Do you know where to purchase your blue burano Arte Italica goblets that you feature in some of your pictures?

  7. Hi! I just came over from Lory's blog and love your ideas! Now the white dishes...are they Spode's Jewell? I chose this pattern for my every day china when I married in 1969! I still have quite a bit and adore them to this day! Best wishes for a wonderful Valentine's Day with your true love!!