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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week is all about snowy travel, grand dogs and spring sunshine.

Spring showers bring May flowers, right? 
This year, it definitely feels like spring is a bit behind over here. 
Our camellia has just barely started to bud enough to think about blooming- usually, we are fully bloomed and dropped petals by mid February and wrapped up by March 1st.
So it wasn't too surprising when we make the trek up into the mountains to see my daughter- that we were driving in 4 wheel drive on freshly fallen snow. 

Snowy Lake Tahoe

It had been raining and that rain moved on up and turned into snow in Lake Tahoe. 
We still have 2 rooms full of my daughters things to move up to her new home- and so, we waited until the road restrictions were removed and loaded the car to the hilt and drove up into the mountains. 

We bumped into a lot of snow before Truckee- but look how beautiful the Truckee river looked with fresh snow on it? These were just  iphone snaps while my husband was driving. 

As pretty as the snow can be to snap photos of- I am not a huge fan of cold, snow, etc. 
Sunshine and summer girl over here for sure. But I did enjoy the drive and the beauty - and I always love Tahoe. If you have never been- it is such an incredible spot. We used to come up every summer for vacation on the lake  and skiing in the winter. Though truth be told- I am not a ski loving girl- and skiing doesn't love me either. I feel like I can feel old injuries- like twisted knees and ankles and snow rash on my face  from falling and landing in the snow even now.  Not my thing for sure. 
My favorite part of the lake for views, hiking and photos is closed during the winter- and I would definitely recommend waiting until summer to visit unless you love piles and piles of snow. 
A friend who has a cabin there has gotten over 14' this winter- taller than the eaves of her roof.
CRAZY to me.

Grand Dogs

We brought lunch to the big kids and then played with the grand dogs. Little Cleo is such a treasure- always so sweet and loves to jump up and sit with you. 

And my daughters boyfriend has a bulldog who thinks he is a wee dog but is
 built strong like a bull dozer. 

He actually can scratch his head on your leg and bruise it- 
he is a strong and incredibly sweet boy.

Spring Sunshine

After spending the day in the snow - the sunshine came out this weekend 
and I could not have been happier about it.  I literally stood outside and just soaked it up.
After going out for a bit of exercise, I opened the doors and windows to let the fresh air in and then poured myself a cup of tea sat in the sunshine for a bit before getting started on a big project. 

This snap is an outtake from my book but that sunshine pouring in felt much like the warmth in this photo.

Spring Wreath Giveaway

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Coming your way:

A peek behind the scenes of designing a wreath for Balsam Hill
Several spring inspirations ideas- from bedroom mantel decor to kitchen.
Another edition of 5 minute decorating
Plus- something fun that has to do with flowers. Which I know... is so surprising to find here on my blog. But not the usual flowers I share. I think you will like it. :)

Have a great Sunday everyone


  1. I like the Napa romance wreath

  2. Your grand dogs are so sweet! They do have their own personalities, don't they. Maggie and Mollie ( Sheltie sisters) definitely have their own personalities with attitude at times. In spite of the weather it sounds like you had a great weekend, I truly believe each day is what we make it no matter what mother nature decides to give us. Love your blog, photos, etc. Have a blessed Monday.

  3. The pictures are beautiful. Living in the south I don't see snow like that. I, like you, would grow tired of it quickly. Sunshine is for me.

  4. I to am a summer baby , but have to say that picture you took captured the look of serenity and peace. Happy Spring 🌷.CeeCee McCaffrey

  5. So gorgeous! I'm in love with them all. Especially love the Enchanted Garden one.

  6. Lake Tahoe looks beautiful in the snow, and your winter pics are so pretty! But like you I am a sunshine loving gal. Cleo is just the cutest ever.
    xo Pat