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Architecture Love in Paris

Wandering the streets in Paris and snapping photos of pretty much every.single.building...

Yes, that is me.
Beautiful carvings, delicious doors and the most beautiful iron railings all on repeat everywhere in Paris.  Details and patina are two of my favorite things in architecture- and of course- there is an abundance of both in Paris.

This trip to Europe is a bit of work and pleasure- while exploring and having fun making memories and taking 10,000 pictures of Everything-I am also shooting photos throughout Europe for a couple special projects that are coming up.

And both required a whole lot of walking and wandering this beautiful city and capturing what speaks to me.

I refer to my husband as Clark Griswold from Vacation- because he loves to plan and tackle trips with an agenda and notch off things. But we also are not the usual tourists in some ways.  We like to simply immerse ourselves as much as possible to experience the true nature of where we are visiting rather than hit tourist spots. That said- there is SO much to see in Paris and so much history - we did take a day and play tourist and run around to the must. stops and a couple things that my husband wanted to do- like climb those crazy amount of stairs to the top of the Arc de Triomphe and see the city view.

And something fun... my husband and I celebrated our 27th anniversary the first weekend in Paris. So fun and such a wonderful thing to celebrate while in Europe.

Just a quick post this morning (evening? I have no idea what time it is) as we are getting ready to head out and explore a bit- but I wanted to share a few of the iphone snaps of this beautiful architecture in Paris with you.

The carvings on the buildings are breathtaking.

This door was one of my favorites- with the carvings and that color. Incredible.

I think I will probably be doing a whole post about the doors in Europe - I think I managed to take about 3 dozen photos in Paris alone- and I have so much more to share with you.

The railings were another thing that caught my eye again and again.

The vantage point from the street was not always the best view straight on- but from below- amazing.

Do you think I can get away with adding a couple tiny balconies and railings to our house? It might go on the to-do list.

And then there are the shutters... so many beautiful shutters.

The muted colors and rich patina on the stone was completely inspiring. And as I mentioned- we are painting our house in the next couple weeks. We actually have some of the prep work getting ready for a new coat of paint inside and out being done by our dog and house sitter while we are traveling.  And I am already seeing the inspiration for our door colors in so many places in Europe and have been sending snaps back to them to see if they can get a match.

The grays, blues and muted yellows are so beautiful.
These are just a few of the iphone snaps while walking- I will share much more soon- including all the doors I am loving (there are A TON) tourist stops and travel and packing tips that we have learned already- as well as how to travel light and where/how we are saving.

To say that I am completely in love with all the beautiful architecture I have seen in Europe so far is an understatement.  And we are exploring a new area today- so if you are on instagram- come follow along in stories- you won't want to miss it!

And for more about where we stayed in Paris- you can find all the details about Paris Perfect here


  1. I kept snapping photos of the ironwork and architecture when I was there...did that for my hubby who is all about great architecture...beautiful photos Courtney! Have fun!!!!

  2. Such beauty! I wouldn't get very far (pretty much me whenever I travel, Lol!) because I'd be snapping photos everywhere... Love all that you are sharing, Courtney! Enjoy everything!!!

    Barb :)

  3. Gorgeous photos!!!! I just love Paris too,

  4. Courtney,
    Paris... what can we say, but the city captures your heart. Seeing your photos makes me want to plan a trip to Paris, but I will probably have to be content visiting that beautiful city through your camera lens.


  5. I'm going to Paris in June and very much taking in your visit! Can't wait to return for my second trip after many years--such a beautiful city.

  6. Another great post of Paris, I do the same, I'm always looking up and taking a whole bunch of pictures, I get a neck ache every time!

  7. Beautiful! I hope you will share your travel tip, as I will be going to Paris at some point, Thank you!

  8. Love your idea of a whole post on doors, door knockers & shutters. I fell in love with French heutoirs esp. The Lady of Fatima & swan necks. I also found that there are differences, those in Paris can differ from the countryside & other cities. My first visit I shipped 2 home. My traveling companions tired of my search & how to post fr France but so worth it. Truly enjoy your visit, I am. Merci.

  9. I feel like I could have written this post haha...just returned from Paris and I too. Outd not stop taking pictures of doors and all of the beautiful architecture..stunning! We also did those crazy stairs to the top of the Arc...we rented an apartment close to the Arc and I can’t say enough how much we loved that! We felt like it was our little piece of Paris..we also saved money by fixing breakfast and most nights just a light snack and a glass of wine having eaten our big meal at lunch! Wonderful trip and I can’t wait to go back...Sharon

  10. Lovely article! I totally loved the gorgeous pictures that you posted. Paris has been on my bucket list for a few years. But your post nudges me to get a France Visa From UK & treat myself with a much-needed vacation. Keep sharing such beautiful articles.