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Charming & beautiful Avignon, France

After being in Roquebrune for several days, we hopped on the train up to Avignon
as we made our way back to Paris.
And Avignon did not disappoint.

 Avignon is a charming old town full of character and history. This was a place that my husband had on the list of possibilities when deciding where we would stay on the way back up to Paris. Originally, we were going to the Loire Valley area- but since we hadn't booked anything yet- we kind of decided where we would go while in Roquebrune.

Avignon it was- we hopped on the train and traveled through the countryside and found ourselves in a most beautiful spot. We booked an apartment in a little alley that had French doors that opened up to a delightful little rooftop patio. It was perfect for sitting outside and dining- and for beautiful views- and we even had a French cat come  to the door to visit us. We greeted it with a hearty 'Bonjour' of course.

My husband is all about castles and old history- so the Palais des Papes was right up his alley.

Once again- I was snapping photos of architecture and details.

The muted colors, old stones and intricate detailing on the buildings- so beautiful.

Avignon was full of history- and my husband loved that we were staying right in the center of the historic part of it - within the old walls. To be honest, I wasn't paying attention to the walls being 'walls' - I just fell in love with the colors and old patina they had.

I loved the little shop and cafe charm on every corner- and of course
and snapped another 100 photos of architecture and details. These are all iphone photos that I haven't edited. Would you believe I have yet to go through the big camera photos? We got back from Europe and I hit the ground running on a few big projects and have not had much time to sit down and edit those photos yet.

That patina on the buildings pretty much got me every.time. - I mean- just look at all that dreamy beauty?

And some of my favorites were windows with blue gray green (my Lacanche range color) shutters.

And I loved the narrow alleys and cobblestone streets. It seems I couldn't walk past an area with alleys or cobbles underfoot without taking another photo.

This was a favorite moment while wandering- my husband gave them a tip as we walked by.

We had a lovely (although very windy) stay in Avignon 
Our apartment had a wonderful rooftop dining area just off our bedroom 
and I am happy to report after our mishap at the market in La Spezia
I was able to grab all the produce we wanted, tag and weigh it properly 
without any issues  (fist bump!) haha.

My husband cooked a delicious dinner and breakfast the next day 
before we traveled back up to Paris.
I will wrap our European travels up with what we did in Paris that is a must-what we ate- where we went, etc. 
Travel tips
 where we saved, where we splurged 
and what we learned for our next trip.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and pics - it's been great to follow you. It all brings back floods of memories for me. I love France and Paris is my favourite - my husband proposed to me in Paris. We also had the same experience at a little supermarket with the veges, and remember having the most amazing meal on the balcony. Just beautiful. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Ps. I love your book - your photos are amazing

  2. Wow what awesome photos of what sounds like an amazing place

  3. Beautiful looking forward to all your tips, as my friends and I will be plan a trip to Paris in the next year or two can't wait!!

  4. You took me back to a short side trip I got to make to Avignon in the 80's. Everything was so beautiful. It was a land trip with a group. I lost track of time and the hostess had to come looking for me when we were ready to leave. Thank you for these lovely photos.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! you are one LUCKY woman! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Oh my gosh, Courtney! Avignon is so lovely... Yes, I think I would have quietly removed a seafoam blue door, tucked it under my arm and kept walking. ;) I do love your range and was describing it to my husband recently when we were looking at gas ranges and cooktops here in Texas. But back to you post, I love how the stone walls in the one photo look as though they grew right out of the seawall rocks!!! And the castle (maybe that was the other post...) was beautiful!!!

    Happy 4th of July (again)! I am having fun catching up on missed posts with you and other friends today,

    Barb :)