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5 minute decorating- Five ways to style your bathroom for summer guests


Summer travels bring summer guests and that means getting your home and guest bedrooms ready for guests is probably on your project list. And that includes getting the bathrooms ready. 
While new tile, shower doors or a giant clawfoot tub might be on the dream list for your bathroom- you can add simple spa touches to make it feel like a fresh space in just a few minutes. 

#1. Crisp white mats

I love white bath mats for several reasons- they feel and look fresh and new- and they are easy to keep clean with a little bit of bleach.  A tip is to keep an extra set on hand in the linen closet so that you can replace the tired ones with brand new when company is coming. 

#2. Rolled up towels

Always a charming idea- a basket or shelf filled with rolled up towels is such a simple way to style your bathroom while providing fresh towels for guests.   

White is my choice again here- but you could use any color you would like and they will look lovely.  

#3. Tub board for soaps

This is literally a trash to treasure idea- because this weathered board was one I grabbed out of the construction leftovers pile to use as a rustic board for the tub. 

A perfect spot to place soaps, a scrub brush or even candles and a small vase of flowers to enjoy while guests soak. 

#4.  Spa robe

A indulgent touch at hotels- those chunky robes that are so comfy to put on for going to the pool or just lounging in while sipping coffee in the morning.  I love to add a couple robes for guests to enjoy while they are staying. When they are not being used- robes look lovely just waiting to be used as well. 

#5. Fresh Flowers

Of course. You knew that was going to be on the list right? My favorite way to add a lovely charm to any room is with fresh flowers- and the bathroom is no exception. A large vase on the counter or by the tub will instantly make the room feel fresh and inviting- and a bit more like home away from home.

There are so many ways to instantly refresh your bathroom for guests- but these are simple and easy ideas that take literally 5 minutes to update.  And if you have more than  5 minutes- another simple way to make your bathroom feel like a whole new room without picking up a hammer and nails and busting out tile-  is simply with a can of paint.

These photos are from my book- find it here.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. These are all so great, but really love the mirrors on the wall! It looks awesome!

  2. Hi Courtney,
    Loving all these beautiful ideas & thank you for the photos to illustrate them. I'm more of a visual person that notes...

    So my question is... what do you use for yourself / provide for guests to put all their personal stuff bathroom in?

    Thanks :-)


  3. I love all you do! I am building a new house and love the tile in your bathroom. Can you please tell me what it is and where you got it . Thank you.