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Easy ideas to update your rooms in 5 minutes

Ahh summer....
Lazy days, late nights under the twinkle stars
and lots of summer guests.

Which means- those guest bedrooms and guest bathrooms will be working overtime.
And if you are like me- it also means you are running around to give them a makeover.

And I am all about those 5 minute makeovers. Even better? How about a snap your fingers and bam! makeover ideas?
If you love those- this post is for you.

How many things can you do, change, add, refresh in just a minute or two? Quite a few actually- you just have to know what makes the biggest impact in a snap.

Everywhere in the house

Fresh flowers or greens. Clipped from the yard or from your local market- it doesn't matter- fresh greens are instant oomph in any room.

In the guest bedroom

It is all about the bedding- and it is all about white bedding.
I love it, I have it in my bedroom. I have it in the guest bedrooms. Why white?
Because you can add pillows, throw blankets, curtains etc. of any style, pattern and color- and they will mix and mingle with those classic whites and instantly refresh the space.

I started with a textured white coverlet - and layered white euros and pillows. And this look is perfection for everyday all year long as an indulgent base to work with.
For summer- I added a vintage aubusson pillow and crocheted throw and spritzed the room with a lavender essential oil spray for a relaxing feeling.  See the rest of the refresh here.

In the Living room

A new throw on the sofa.
Vase or bucket of fresh wildflowers or greens
or a quick change on the mantel.

Sometimes, that mantel makes me a bit crazy. I usually have a mirror there- and I love that. But in summer- I crave simplicity. I grabbed the mirror and moved it to my office -and let the wood walls, flowers and candlesticks do the talking.

In the bathroom

My bathrooms- again- always white on repeat and I always have white bathmats.
 I love the ability to bleach them weekly- and that they feel like a spa.
Though admittedly- sometimes I crave a pop of color or texture- and that is a perfect way to add that 'bam!' in the bathroom.

For a quick refresh- I changed the mats. And I am obsessed with this blue and natural jute rug that I found at HomeGoods. Seriously GOOD and feels so much different instantly.
But that wasn't all I did in this room- see the 6 other quick changes and tips in my post on the HomeGoods blog.

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  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un billet qui émerveille par la beauté, par la simplicité et par les touches de couleurs judicieusement apportées grâce à ces magnifiques bouquets de fleurs. On se sent bien dans chacune des pièces.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  2. Love these tips friend! Such easy and simple tips that anyone can do! YOU ARE AMAZING!

    Happy day!

  3. I live in 1950s cape cod home with home made line furniture. I want a chandelier like yours. Can I do this? Give me some direction please!

  4. Always love what you do in your home Courtney!

  5. I love all your posts. You have such a beautiful home and awesome tips. I know I bug you all the time, another book or magazine. No good magazines anymore. How about all your posts put into a book..

  6. Perfect, Courtney! I love easy updates these days; easy on the budget and easy on the eyes. Love how your bathroom turned out and the tub is beautiful!! The big bucket of blooms is spectacular... sigh!!!

    Off to read some other posts. I do like this series! :)

    Happy summer to you,
    Barb :)