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Weekend View- 5 tips for soft and subtle autumn decorating & giveaway

My autumn style tends to be soft and subtle- one that mixes and mingles with my everyday color palette.

And something I hear often is how do you do 'autumn' without oranges, red, and bold colors blazing through the house? Today I am sharing a few tips for just that- and a giveaway for something neutral autumn for you.

Soft and simple, subtle, natural... not always the first words that come to mind with autumn. While I do love bold and beautiful- I tend to keep the autumn decor in the house a more muted look. I like seasonal decor that meshes with my everyday look and doesn't overwhelm the house.
But how to do that?

#1. Keep it natural

Probably the easiest way to keep it simple and neutral - stick with  the softer elements that nature provides.

Think grasses, wheat, white and muted pumpkins, dried hydrangeas and natural touches like acorns.
Not all of autumn is bold oranges.

#2. Go for the gold

We have trees that turn the most lovely golden color before dropping their leaves in autumn. And yellows and golds are perfect to use for autumn decor. I love them as a backdrop and also as an accent.

Mix gold with grasses, leaves and white pumpkins for a softer look that will mingle with your everyday look and that still says autumn.  Gold is a perfect accent for white decor as well as the more moody rooms- it is a favorite.

#3. Layers of pumpkins on greens

Whether you go with faux or real- stacking those pumpkins on a bed of greens is a simple easy way to dress up your porch or coffee table.

Use fresh or dried greens - I often save the eucalyptus greens that dry out during the summer and use those in pots on the front patio- and also as a 'bed' for pumpkins in a crate.

#4. Bring in some cabbages 

White, green, and those lovely brown heirloom pumpkins look perfect mixed with cabbages - I pick up several gallon sized ornamental cabbages at the farmers market and simply tuck them in.

#5. Grapevine pumpkins
No pumpkins in store yet? No problem- grab some of those grapevine pumpkins to create a mantel or styling.

This wreath has alllll those elements that I just talked about and that I love- gorgeous muted colors, natural grasses, golds  and white pumpkins.

And there is still time to enter to win one of these!

You can find all the details in my post HERE
And don't forget the extra chances to win on Instagram as well.

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Happy weekend decorating all.


  1. Looking so fine. The pictures are very nice.👌🏻🍂🌿🎋🍃🌾

  2. I always love your fall choices,because I love the idea of having the colors blend with what I have in the house, I love the other colors of fall, they just blend in the colors I have in the house;)

  3. Love how you've decorated over the years...the colors are so beautiful!

  4. Hi I just did my inside for fall and it is very muted...I feel the same my soul looks for soft muted colors I am not a color type person love shabby chic white with pops of color...Your taste is my preference... your style is Unique and Beautiful! Happy Autumn!🍂🍂🍂🍂

  5. I love your autumn look. White with gold is eye catching. The grapevine pumpkins are cute.

  6. This is my style....thank you for sharing this beautiful way to stay neutral and warm while you decorate your home♥️