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Elegant Autumn in the kitchen

Simple is best. 

Especially when it comes to adding just a touch of autumn color in the kitchen...
when you are shooting photos in August and it is over 100 degrees outside 
and there are no pumpkins to be found in stores yet.

Such is the way that bloggers do things- and I do love working ahead- though I will admit that autumn and that lack of pumpkins until mid September usually does make it a bit harder to work with every year.

So what I generally do- is start with simple decor.
Like copper, fresh flowers in a romantic palette and seasonal fruits with a pop of color.

You saw a peek of the kitchen in the recipe post recently- and today I am sharing a closer look at that bouquet I created for a touch of autumn.

I don't generally do a whole bunch in the kitchen for season decor.
I mostly keep it natural- with peaches, pomegranates and nectarines for autumn.
And since I am a big texture loving girl- I mixed in a few baskets for a little change.

This French laundry basket is usually in the laundry room- filled with linens waiting to be ironed or just looking pretty while waiting to hold the next load out of the dryer.

I swapped the copper that is usually here for the basket
for a day. That was all that it lasted. For 2 reasons. 
1. I love the copper there.
2. My laundry needs to be contained and it was not happening without that basket.

But you can also use a simple basket for fruit or veggies on the counter
 to get that texture inspired look.

Copper is always on repeat for autumn- it has such a warm tone that really mixes well with those rich colors and blushes alike. You don't need a ton of copper touches- just a few will do the trick.
Think a mixing bowl or simple bucket or pot filled with flowers or just on the range for a touch.

Another tip is to mix in well worn wood patina- a cutting board for example. 

And the flowers- simple is best again.
I used fresh eucalyptus, white roses, clipped from the garden yarrow
white larkspur and green hydrangeas. 
I placed them all in a vintage bucket.
and all together, it created a beautiful subtle but inspired arrangement.

Stay tuned for where else this bucket of blooms ended up- and don't miss any of what my friends are sharing today.
And coming your way tomorrow - something special just for you!

Happy autumn decorating all.
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  1. This is all so beautiful, Courtney! I love your use of weathered wood and copper. And the flower arrangement is stunning... it all works for the perfect fall touches even when it’s still 100 degrees outside. 😊

    1. Thank you- I think flowers are good anytime of the year :)

  2. Always so gorgeous Courtney. You're one of a kind xo

  3. So gorgeous! The copper is such a beautiful pop and robust look for the fall.

  4. Sooooo lovely! Those baskets are stunning!

  5. So gorgeous my friend! I'm especially loving this floral mix for fall!