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All about texture~ Pillows & Loloi Rugs

A couple weeks ago,  I shared some of the gorgeous 
rugs at Loloi Rugs that caught my eye while I was at High Point Market in April

and I mentioned that something else there also grabbed my attention.
A beautiful line of pillows.

Remember these gorgeous rugs?
The ones that were colorful and beautifully detailed like these?

Loloi Rugs~  Empress Collection

Or what about those ones that were soft and faded
and oh so fabulous?

Loloi Rugs- Pearl Collection
The Pearl Collection was my favorite-favorite rug.
 Seriously, absolutely gorgeous.  But there were so many beautiful rugs at Loloi Rugs
and you can see more of the rugs that inspired me in my post HERE

I also had the chance to preview a new line that they just recently launched
A brand new pillow collection

For me...this collection
is all about texture

So much to love about each of them but the texture was talking to me

Big time.

I was loving to so many of these  pillows
for just that reason.

There were a ton of different materials to inspire

and a lot of colors and patterns to choose from
whether you love classic, subtle or more modern

Did you know that I am a bit of a pillow freak? 
I am. 
I look for fresh throw pillows to change the look of a room 
all. the. time. and something that I always look for when choosing pillows
is that little detail that it has that will add to the space.

Maybe its the color or the size
or it's the fabric choice

but sometimes its something like the embroidered pattern 

or a little bit of bling  and pizzazz 

I love the faded beach colors 
and did I already mention the texture? 

These were so soft 

You can see just how many different colors and types of pillows they have-
there is something for every style

Love a little fringe? 
Well you are in luck- they have it.

Another favorite of mine was this pretty pillow
with its soft pinks & green colors and beaded details- perfect.

Pillows are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to change your decor seasonally
or just when you feel like you get a little bit of a wild hair for something different.

I am loving so many of these new pillows and am looking forward to 
seeing more beautiful rugs and pillows from Loloi Rugs soon.

To see more of their collections
you can browse through the Loloi Rugs online catalog
if you would like more information or to find out how to purchase
any of the pillows or rugs that Loloi carries-
you can email them here: 

Happy Friday!

I was compensated for this post by the High Point Market Authority 
but all opinions are my own, of course.

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