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Inspiration ~ How to use empty frames

You know,  I love a good frame. 
Especially a good frame that has details and that is covered in old brassy gold.

I have been known to purchase quite a few pieces of framed art at yard sales and flea markets.
Maybe they are of those charming pastoral scenes, a city view or a simple old portrait.

But, I have a confession.

 Sometimes, when I bring home pieces of artwork it's not because I love the artwork. 
 I purchase them solely because of the frame.

A good frame is like a piece of art in my opinion and they can be used in so many different ways. 
 I thought I would share a few of my favorite ways to use those beautiful 'naked' frames today.

I love a gallery wall with black and white family portraits, artwork or landscapes all grouped together. But sometimes all that artwork in a gallery wall can look a little too busy for my taste.  But a gallery wall of open frames and a few mirrors? Perfect. 

In my bathroom, there is a tiny little shelf behind the bathtub area. It is a good size for holding soaps or bath salts- or stacking a couple of vintage frames on. One wasn't enough- but two was just right. I love the gold against the red and white toile and how leaving the frames 'naked' without any artwork filling them- lets the wallpaper take center stage. (btw-pretty sure it must be time to take some new photos of the bathroom. Not only does it look different- this photo is not fabulous.)

Fill an old frame with chicken wire to make a pretty and functional place to clip all those inspirations and bits.

Of course I am a huge fan of making chalkboards- and a vintage frames are the perfect choice for repurposing. We also made the chalkboard in the dining room and added a gold frame to it. It doesn't have to be vintage to be pretty.

A project I just did a few weeks ago was this burlap covered cork board- and just made another one this week. A super simple way to use a vintage or favorite frame and give it a new purpose.

Display a wreath 

Or clip a few notes or flowers on a string inside like these old book pages in my

I think one of my favorite ways of using old frames is simply to stack them and enjoy as they are. Letting the details in the moulding and the chunky gesso speak volumes of charm all by themselves. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Beautiful hun.... I could not agree more! xxx...

  2. I've always loved stacking frames and mirrors - sometimes it is better than artwork. I like the chicken wire with frame and the frame with the wreath - great looks.

  3. I never thought of decorating with frames but I do like it !

  4. Beautiful Ideas!! Your home is stunning!


  5. Fabulous frames - thanks for the inspiration. I have a thing for frames - wide or thin, big or small.

  6. really pretty frames especially with the wreath.

  7. I needed this just today for inspiration. Thank you!

  8. Frames are fantastic -- they are certainly easy to repurpose and then if you don't like one idea -- you don't have a lot of time and effort in order to change it. BTW, I think your bathroom looks great -- ours is a little closet.

  9. History in each one along with romancing their displaying.
    Perfect backdrop.


  10. All beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I'm inspired!

  11. Lovely...but being an artist I'd also like to suggest putting a luscious original oil painting in them! ;o) Cheers!

  12. Just beautiful - I do the same thing at garage sales, purchase for the frame, and then discard the picture! Love your displays of frames. Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Catherine

  13. I agree with every word you wrote. In fact, I am planning a gallery wall with open frames and a few mirrors as we speak. I hope it will be as lovely as the inspiration found in your home...

  14. I agree wholeheartedly! In fact, I am planning a gallery wall with open frame and mirrors as we speak. I hope it will turn out as lovely as the inspiration from your home.