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Pumpkin centerpiece

You probably already know that I have a little bit of a love for
all things wearing soft and shabby pale colors

For Autumn, I definitely love to incorporate some of those soft colors
that are found in  faded flowers, natural wheat and those Cinderella pumpkins.

I tend to decorate with an abundance of whites and a soft color palette
though I do add in a pop of color here and there when I'm feeling a little wild 

This months Lowe's Creative Ideas project
 it was all about Fall and tablescapes
and so, I put together something super simple and easy 

and with something I love to buy every year at Lowes.

Pale cinderella pumpkins.

I found them when I was meeting my middle guy at Lowes in another city.
A good happening, because as we pulled into the parking lot- 
there they were in all their soft, shabby glory.

 A whole display of soft sherberty oranges
olive greens, faded grays, and sweet white pumpkins
in all shapes and sizes.

 I picked out a cart full of them knowing that I would use them in several decor projects
 this season and that they were perfect for an Autumn themed outdoor table.

One, two, three...
 the pumpkins march down the center of the table 

Dotted with a couple little bits of dried hydrangea, green moss or simple berry vines
or just by themselves. 
Anyway you style them, 
they make a subtle and simple centerpiece for an Autumn harvest party.

Oh and that chunky bread bowl filled with Vegetable Lentil soup?
 Yes, it is delicious and a recipe will be coming your way soon.

Happy weekend everyone!

I am thrilled to be a member of the Lowes Creative Ideas Network
I was compensated for this post- but all ideas and opinions are my own
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  1. Those are THE most beautiful pumpkins ever! I love Lowe's - but I can only go when I visit my friends down in the LA & Orange County ares of California. There isn't a Lowe's near me. :(
    Michelle from

  2. I've never seen pumpkins like this before. They're so pretty!!

  3. Beautiful Courtney! saw the first pumpkins this weekend here in North Central Florida. But alas only orange so far :( Must check Lowes!

  4. We have no Lowe's in our area. Your table is beautiful, Courtney.
    Enjoy using those pretty pumpkins!

  5. Wow, aren't they beautiful! Never knew there was such a thing as a pastel pumpkin!

  6. I love all of your soft pastel pumpkins just beautiful....I love the softer shades for the fall season that is now available....


  7. Love those colored pumpkins. Soft and sweet and oh so beautiful. I really enjoy the fall colors but softening up the pumpkins makes the decor simply beautiful! And you do it so well :-)

  8. These photos of the blushing pumpkins make me want to run to Lowe's right now. A bit of a drive but maybe tomorrow and I'll hope they are there. Softest shades for Fall and I love the way you decorated with them...great ideas!

  9. Your pumpkins are lovely, all those pretty pale colors. Pretty center piece,thanks.

  10. Very elegant and love the soft colors!

  11. How wonderful if we could find faux pumpkins in these colors. I was fortunate to find a few off white pumpkins at Homegoods. They are such a lovely addition for the upcoming holidays