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French Inspired Tables

Oh how I love a french style table.

Especially one that is a little bit rustic and elegant at the same time.

French style tables are full of charm - no matter what age they are.

Maybe it's a table that has chunky weathered boards and simple lines
Or it might be one that wears a scalloped detailed apron
 and has a smooth, hand rubbed patina from years of use.

Confession time: 
I had planned to set a french inspired table and take some new photographs for this months share
but with family in town and a crazy busy and fun week,  I thought I would share a few of our tables from posts from the past instead.

Antique French tables come in many shapes and sizes and styles
and though I have quite a few different tables in my home- I am not sure any of them are particularly antique and French but I have several that do have the look.

Outdoor Rustic Farmhouse

Our outdoor table is a little more farmhouse style than french so you could call it
a French Farmhouse style. 
I love it's more rustic look and the mixed width boards.
It has reclaimed chunky wood for a top and it wears each and every ding and 
mismatched board proudly.

Since we used boards that were from another project- we didn't have enough of the same sizes to create the top but I love the inconsistent look and lines that it has where we pieced each board together with another to create the length we needed.

Dainty Dining

Out in the cottage, there is a diminutive dining table
that has a beautiful carved apron, scalloped top and a rich dark patina
Though it shows years of use - it's French lines are what really shows.

This one is actually marked underneath
 I love how it's dark worn patina mingles with the chippy cupboard on the wall
which was a Re-Store find.

Carved Coffee Table

Another favorite table with a bit of a french flair 
 is a flea market find coffee table that we use outdoors on our covered patio. 

It has a scalloped carved apron all around and it's top is an intricate parquet pattern. 

This is an antique and is marked Italy underneath and it wore white before being stripped down to a natural color recently.

Gilded Beauty 

Of course some of the most well known french style tables 
would be those little gold nesting tables with the curvy lines and sweet details. 

Did you know that they are actually Italian in origin?  
They are, but they definitely have a French flair to the way they feel.

I love collecting them- and admit that I keep my eye out for pieces
of Florentine furniture whenever I am shopping thrift stores and flea markets.
They are simply perfect for tucking in little spots.

I am joining these ladies in sharing a few French table inspirations today

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Lovely pictures!
    Saw a few little Italian tables as well this year, now I really regret not buying them..

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  2. All simply lovely! I love a good french table! Your outdoor coffee table may be my favorite! Thanks for sharing! xo Jen

  3. Hello Courtney - I'm truly enjoying these posts on French tables. I do love the French style - the ornate and the rustic. Love every one of yours! I hope you have a blessed day,

  4. You have some beauties, Courtney. I love the outdoor shot. So romantic.

  5. Your tables are all so pretty, Courtney...can't pick a favorite! Have a wonderful week!...hugs..Debbie

  6. Love your gorgeous French inspired tables and they way you always style them!...

  7. I love your tables. The Florentine ones were so lovely I decided I wanted a set. Actually my mom had a set, but got rid of them a long time ago. Then I saw yours and decided I needed a set. All of them are gorgeous though.