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Closet part 2~ A place for everything

The other day

 I danced across the floor in my closet, picked up a favorite beaded top and twirled around...
I think it is safe to say that 'I feel Pretty' has not stopped playing yet.

And did you know that I am actually considering adding fashion posts on occasion over here?
Seriously. I think it is because, my clothes have never looked so pretty just.sitting.there.

I had to smile the other day  when one of our friends
 (who was housesitting for us to take care of our dogs)
told me that her 10 year old daughter  wanted to take a peek at the closet after seeing it on instagram
and she just stopped and stared and said she she wanted a closet for her room.
It is kind of funny because she is a little girly girl so we kind of get each other.

I am a huge sucker for those pretty closet setups too.
 The ones that have built in cupboards and lots of details  and a place for everything
and everything in its place?

they look pretty while they do the job and they make it easier to stay organized
Which is a good thing on both sides.
So when re-doing the closet- something functional and pretty was on the list.

We chose the Allen & Roth Closet System from Lowe's
and decided on the ventilated pieces instead of solid.
Mainly because, I liked the airy look they have.

Since this isn't a huge closet, we knew that we didn't want to build up both
sides with units. There was room to fit them-

but it might get a little claustrophobic each time I went in to get dressed
and instead of hearing 'I feel pretty' playing
it might be something more along the lines of  'Jaws' music starting up.

Not feeling so inspiring. 
So, one side and the back it was.

Interestingly though, one side and one back was more than enough
for what we needed and with all the extra shelving areas.

So that allowed more breathing room
 and even a dressing mirror.

Here is what we used for our 5.5 X 8.5 closet: 
(all from the Allen & Roth slatted shelving system)

 Slatted Shelf with brackets (2)
Slatted shelf 6' long (1)
Drawer (2)
and we bumped into a shoe rack on clearance
= big bonus. 

 These pieces might look complicated in construction but they were super easy to put together.
I actually built each of them by myself while my husband was planking the ceiling.

After the towers were built, we started at the end setting one in the back corner
and securing it to the wall.

Next up came that 6' long shelf which we cut it in half to make
 (2)  3'  long shelves that reach 
from the tower to almost all the way to the other wall.
The reason it is almost and not all the way-we left a space in the back open
for long dresses and long coats to hang to the floor.

At the base along the bottom 
my husband built a support system for a bottom shelf 
and included some little 'feet'  he made to raise the units up a little higher.
They also add a nice finishing touch that makes it feel like a piece of furniture.
Note: They do have ready to go base kits if you prefer
Also, we did have to give all the units a quick coat of paint to match the color.

We added a drawer to two of the units for lingerie, etc. and also placed a shoe rack in one of them.
It was perfect for my shoes and sandals and I used a hanger for my boots
though I am planning on changing that when the boot hangers arrive.

Along the other side of the closet
we used 2 more units with shelves in between them
and added more rods for more hanging areas.

By using a shelf at the top- we also were able to create a 
long top shelf for storing all those hat boxes and other things that you don't need 
to reach every day.

Seriously,  designing and building this closet was so easy to do
even with the handmade customizations that we did.

And I actually have quite a bit of extra space in here-
 half of the shelves are not taken up yet.
I think that is a sign that maybe I should go shopping.

I will share all those little details and design secrets 
in a separate post.
To see the first post- you can find it here 

Happy Monday everyone!

You can find all the elements for the system at Lowe's
and not sponsored- just sharing the goods.

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  1. I adore your closet! It is beautiful!

  2. I love the chandelier and the rug. So pretty.

  3. What a beautiful closet! Congratulations on a job well done!

  4. It is just too wonderful! Now you make me curious about this shelving system. I'll have to go check it out at Lowes for sure! I wonder if i could make my dinky little closet look prettier!


    1. They are awesome- and so easy to customize to fit your space.

  5. I adore your new closet! Does your husband have his own closet!

    1. He has his own dresser and closet space for his clothes- though I share the 'glam' closet with him too :)

  6. I am amazed at how you took a small closet and turned it into a dream dressing room. Beautiful!
    I have to ask though, where are the rest of your clothes?

    1. Haha! They are in the closet! :) When we started the re-do, we sorted through and tossed and donated things that we didn't wear and kept the things that we always wear- So, I guess I can go shopping! ;) Honestly though,it is crazy but we found that by having all those organized shelves and the 4 closet rods- we have more than enough space because it is so much more organized.

    2. You are one very talented lady. I never would have thought to line my closet with pink cedar, to put down a leopard carpet and hang a chandelier. I think I would just sit in that room and sigh. So beautiful!

  7. Just beautiful- well designed ! You just have a knack with this and make it look sooo easy. The colors are beautiful together-pink, brown , white gold .

  8. AMAZING!!! Would you pretty please come over to my house and do my closet?? :)
    Great job!!

  9. I'm as smitten as your friend's daughter. I want a closet like this! Beautiful, Courtney. You two did a fantastic job.

  10. ooh la la In true Courtney style. I love it top to bottom. I love the glam and I love the open shelving. Girl! .... I feel pretty oh so pretty.... do a twirl for me while you are twirling. I am feeling it!

  11. I will never grow tired of looking at this amazing boutique closet

  12. Thank you for sharing and your closet is as awesome as you are!! I certainly can see why you haven't stopped dancing. Now I like the units you used from Lowes. I like the airy feel but I don't want the white coated metal shelves. This would be a good alternative. Now I have to figure out how to do our long narrow closet. By the way, sometimes they have help sheets to figure this out -- did they have one for you??

  13. I remember hearing some TV guy say " I love it when a plan comes together".
    Your plan came together beautifully.

  14. The closet is stunning! Definitely going to use this for inspiration in our own upcoming closet renovation!

  15. The closet is beautiful! I love the leopard rug and mirror! But my fav is the furry ottoman!!! Love love love it! Where did you get it??!!!

  16. This closet is amazing.. so pretty! I love the Cedar lined walls with all the white!