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Random Saturday

Ahhh...welcome to the weekend.

And this weekend over here it is all about 
fairytale pumpkins, linen napkins and much more.

Fairytale Pumpkins

I have an announcement to make...

Last week, autumn finally arrived at our house.

After weeks of fruitless searches at various stores across 3 counties-
we finally bumped into a whole bunch of yummy
pale shabby perfection  princess pumpkin goodness.

I used restraint and didn't buy every last one- 
but I did bring a few home with me.
I also found bunches of fresh eucalyptus, antique hydrangeas and pale pink and green roses.
It was a good day to stop at Whole Foods.

Blush & Blue

While I was out on that banner shopping day- I also dashed into HomeGoods for a couple sets of napkins. Have you ever noticed that like socks- napkins seem to get eaten by the washer? 
Or the dryer? Or the linen closet monster when he is hungry? 
I have several sets of napkins in drawers 
but it seems like I am always one. short. when I am setting a table. 

So, as I searched for napkins- 
I found the most amazing, most delicate and soft pale blush colored throw mixed in with all the rich jewel toned autumn throws. And those pillows. I mean, seriously. I fell in love.

Christmas is in the air

Sooo... don't yell at me.. I know it is October. 
But over here, Christmas is already starting to appear. 
Even as I am decorating for fall. 
If you were to come over for a cup of coffee... you would find  Christmas is on one side of the room and fall is on the other. 
Welcome to my seasonally confused but happy world. 

Can I just tell you... I am SO excited about Christmas this year.
I have so many ideas. Plans. Visons for sugarplums and gingerbread and all things merry. 
And I am going to be starting to share some of those ideas starting in November- and there will be some amazing things for you this season as well-so definitely stay tuned!

(aka mr.weenie)

Last week I mentioned that my grand dog Sebastian wasn't well. 
He had some tummy trouble but thankfully a few days and a stop at the vet and he is good
and back to his making mischief ways.

And the other morning 
I walked out into the living room and found that little stinker staring at me
 while wearing his pajamas.  
All that making mischief that he does- well, you see a dog wearing  pajamas -
and you can't help but pick them up and give them love.
 And take a photo.  Or five.

One of my absolute favorite mantels was this simple pumpkin mantel from autumn past. 
I love the natural elements and sweet touches that mixed in- and I am sharing all the details for what you need  (and links to purchase them) to recreate this autumn mantel styling 
over at Ebay this week. 

I would love it if you would click over to take a peek and if you like my posts~
share them with your friends. 
And don't forget to follow me over at Ebay as well
so you don't miss anything!

That is it for today~ coming your way next week-
Monday autumn inspiration
More about that treasure that DIDN'T get away
and a favorite.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. You have such talent, such an eye for beauty and putting beautiful things together. I wonder, if I gave you free reign with my bank account, would you come over and re-decorate my home? A dream come true!!!

  2. Yes, dogs wearing pajamas are the best! Thanks for the smile today. I enjoy reading your blog from the midwest prairie, where we get fairytale pumpkins earlier than you :) But in a couple of weeks I will be enjoying the Bay area with a cross country move. Hope I run into you sometime!

  3. love the photos, especially the one of your little guy. Just too cute. Would love to find a throw that color,such a score.😊
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Your home is beautiful and your little grand dog, Sebastian, is absolutely the most precious little thing I've ever seen! I love your autumn mantel.