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Blushing beauty spring mantel

Can something that is barely blushing 
steal your heart with one little glance?

If you are one of those always enamored with, 
romantic at heart,
possibly a tad bit more than mildly obsessed 
flower loving girl-
 the answer is yes.

 Fresh flowers are my go to for adding a burst of warmth and charm
to any room in the house 
and they definitely make an appearance often.

And with spring stylings-
I just don't think that there is anything better to welcome it 
than a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Like these gorgeous pale ranunculus which are some of my absolute favorites.

They are not as easy to find- as they are a specialty variety of ranunculus, 
but when I found them at the flower market recently-  I was instantly in love.

I knew they would be perfect for several stylings around the house 
and for print work in the coming weeks.

And today
 it is all about a barely blushing spring mantel.

When it comes to mantel decor- I am all about simple.

I don't generally leave it just the same as where it starts at the beginning of a season.
Things get moved, flowers replenished, stylings changed a bit.
So a key thing for me is keeping it simple with basics that will work with most everything
I decide to bring in or take out.

With this vintage mantel- so much of the charm is right in the mantel itself.
That chippy spidered paint and gorgeous carved detailing.
I definitely wanted that to play a part in the look.

So simple vintage inspired it was.

 I started with several vintage glass bottles
and filled them with a few stems of  ranunculus and a couple sprigs of eucalyptus.
 Stacks of old books with their weathered and worn pages
facing out adds a wonderful vintage texture and a soft warm touch of color.

While perusing HomeGoods recently 
I bumped into these little gold and crystal candelabra lamps.

So vintage in style (and no need to re-wire to be safe)
 and not to mention - they were inexpensive.
So they came home with me.

I actually had a different spot in mind for them- but the space isn't quite ready yet
and they are dainty enough that they were a perfect touch on the mantel.

Because I am obsessively playing and changing things- I wanted to add in just a bit
 more color for a fun twist.

 I added a few darker ranunculus blooms 
that have a tint of a salmon color to their blush.
(did I mention that these ranunculus blooms are like the size of roses? 

When styling a mantel for the seasons with fresh florals- just remember to 
keep the design simple. 
It makes it easy to swap your flowers for fresh blooms every week or so
and give it a whole new look.

Today I'm joining in with some very talented design bloggers to bring you some ideas to jump start your spring style! Please visit them all for lots of beauty and inspiration.

I am going to be playing with some brighter and different color blooms (for me) ;) 
in the coming weeks to welcome spring in several different ways and vignettes. 
And coming your way- a table styling that has a bit of mix and mingle 
and is perfect for spring entertaining

With so many beautiful blooms starting to appear- what is your favorite spring bloom to bring indoors and enjoy?

Hope your week is off to a great start everyone.

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  1. Its beautiful and I am in love with the new lamps. Might go poking around to see if there are any near me!

  2. I always get such wonderful inspiration from your mantel decor that I can truly use throughout the house. It is always such a treat to see the exquisite flowers that you obtain. Your floral choices such as the blush ranunculus are always the perfect choice for each season and occasion. Great lamps!...Love that vintage/romantic feel that is perfect for the mantel. Have a great Leap Day Courtney!

  3. Those are so pretty, Courtney. I never see any of those sold around here. I may need to check a florist instead of the grocery stores. Beautiful mantel.

  4. Oohing and aahing over your ranunculus and using them on that gorgeous shabby chic mantel just makes sense!

  5. I love fresh flowers. Ranunculus are a favorite too, for their rose like appearance. These are so beautiful, and the seeded eucalyptus is perfect with it.

  6. Love your Ranunculus bouquets. Wish I could grow them in our Utah garden. I love my garden roses but mostly, it is whatever is blooming in my garden at the moment. For now, I can hardly wait for all of my varieties of Jonquils to bob their heads in the Spring sunshine.

  7. Ranunculus are one of my very favorite flowers. You found some real beauties, Courtney! I love their blushy color and the way you used them on your mantel. Ethereal and gorgeous!

  8. Oh man I love your photos today!!!! Ranunculus (especially this color) are my absolute favorite and not available yet in MN. where I live, so thanks for the beauty you shared that made my morning!!!

  9. As always your inspire-love the beauty of your home and style

  10. I adore ranunculus, but rarely find them here. Same with hydrangeas.
    Your mantle is very pretty, as are the lamps. They call the crystal decorations "pampilles," which for some reason makes me want to smile. There are gigantic versions that look like upside-down hot-air balloons and are even called that--montgolfières. I'm on the lookout for one or two. Really BIG.

  11. Prześliczny kolor kwiatów :) pozdrawiam

  12. Your mantle looks so beautiful and romantic! ranunculus are my favorite flowers and the color of yours is just perfect!
    I also love the little gold with glass pendants lamps. I thought they were treasures you found on a treasure hunting adventure, I was so happy to hear you found them at HG! They look very antique! I gotta go to my local HG and see if I have any luck!! :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  13. Bonjour chère amie,

    Ces sublimes et délicates renoncules apportent une belle touches de romantisme à votre intérieur. Des photos magnifiques... à faire rougir Demoiselle Printemps.

    Gros bisous ♡

  14. Beautiful sweet pink ranunculus. I hope I can find them here in PA. Your mantel is romantic. Love the green mixed with pink. You are a true Romantic!

    Blessings, Elizabeth Anne

  15. You have inspired me to purchase flowers throughout the year and place them in our rooms. I mentioned purchase because it was always a matter of having to wait until we had some blooms in the garden. So I am so pleased that I talked my Honey into the flowers and he's enjoying them as much as I am. I get mine from Trader Joe -- they are reasonable and have such a variety. I use the powder faithfully that they provide and the blooms last for weeks. Love your photos.