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Top 10 DIY for Burlap Bliss

My oldest son called the other day and asked what I was up to.
 He is one of those good kids who calls to say hi just because.
He checks in on his way to the gym or the store and always has something funny to share
or an insightful thought about this or that or the business.
And when he asked what I was up to
I told him that I was just working on some projects for a few posts for my blog. 
And he said...

 'Oh yeah? Projects? 
 What kind of project are you doing with burlap now?' 

And I paused. 
And I said
 ' Burlap?  Why would Burlap be the first thing that popped into your mind?
Not something with flowers or white paint or a table setting
... but Burlap?

And he told me to go look it up. 
He said I have done a gazillion and one things with burlap on my blog over the years.
Apparently he remembers them all. Or maybe he just remembers the abundance of burlap fibers and all the sneezing.

I thought about it.
And yes, I admitted that I did tackle a whole bunch of them back
when I had a huge amount of burlap come in to work with. 
But it has been several years since I got any burlap out to play with.
So I decided to look and see just how many projects I had on my blog... 
and you know what? 

I have to be honest. It is almost embarrassing.
A whole page of search results. 
Things like burlap pillows, curtains, ruffled tablecloths, little bags, big bags, vases 
and more.

So in case you are like me-
and you have some extra yardage of burlap or feed sack bags around that you are just itching
(literally and figuratively)
to work with here are :

The Top 10 Posts with Burlap
(because there were too many to include them all)

Burlap union jack pillow- a favorite.

A burlap covered cork board- because- it is kind of fun.

The first of several burlap table runners- this one with a little bit of jute webbing attached.

and this one is a favorite- using an old feed sack.

Or maybe just a simple piece of burlap used as a table cloth.

and perhaps my most insane burlap project ever- this ruffled burlap tablecloth.
I swear I feel like I am itching just looking at that one.

So I guess my oldest son was correct- the little stinker.
Burlap was a big part of my project list for awhile.
Though I haven't done a project with any burlap or feed sacks in a few years
I am feeling a bit nostalgic now...
and might have to scheme up something for old times sake.

I am off spending a few days in Sausalito this week- 
meetings and some photography work
 (that does not involve burlap)
I will take some photos of this charming area to share with you as well
and will be sharing on Snap Chat- so add me on there if you want to follow along.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Beautiful ideas Courtney! My favorite is the tablecloth with all the ruffles! Have a beautiful day!
    The Curator's Collection & Making Broken Beautiful (Thursdays)

  2. Love the all of the photos! My favorite are the bags and feed sack table runner. The flowers are awesome!!
    Be safe and I love Sausalito, my dad took me to dinner there yrs. ago it was right on the water. I went with him to help him do a decorating job.

  3. It was a picture of that ruffled burlap tablecloth on Pinterest that lead me to your blog about 6 months ago!

  4. Lovely burlap projects. What is snap chat?

  5. Hahah I remember that ruffled tablecloth too. I would like one, but don't think I could stand the itching part!

  6. LOL Its funny how someone else's perspective can be so different from our own! I love burlap. And yet I have NONE in my home. Your post is inspiring me though. I really love the bulletin board. And the tablecloth. And the curtains.

  7. Surprising and lovely and inexpensive! I'm not sure how to spell riffs, but I disappointed a model home where the decorative towels were tied with Rafa so you wouldn't use them and I've seen gifts and candles wrapped with Rafa so that's another inexpensive rustic Cottage touch