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It is all in the details... a beautiful gilded French mirror

Something old, something new
Something French...

 something French blue.

Do you think it is possible to fall in love with a mirror?
Because...  I have.

With that pretty French blue color
and those delicious gold detailed carvings.

This mirror spoke to me the first time I saw it.
It said 

'Hello... it's me.'

Honestly, it really did speak to me. 
And we started falling in love almost immediately.
It all started the day I walked into Ave Home at Las Vegas Market.

It was there that I met the amazing girls at AVE HOME for the first time
and discovered this incredible line of furniture that was speaking my language.

French inspired, delicious details, gilding and carvings
it took my breath away there was
so much goodness all in one place.

(Yes, that is moi sitting there on the settee- I style spotted AVE HOME for the LV Market)

They also have an incredible line of furniture called AVE RAW
Which is just that.

Furniture that is in the raw without any finish that is
 ready to be finished just exactly as you like.

Like this campaign dresser- custom painted in that gorgeous teal color.

And then there was that mirror.

The one that I was having that long distance love affair with.

The one whose details simply 'got me'
and whose French blue and gold paint  swept me off my feet.

That sweet mirror came to live with me recently
and oh yes, the love affair is going strong...

I have been sharing a few sneak peeks at this charmer here and there 
and the other day, 
I propped this beauty up against that big old antique mirror while I waited 
for the muscles to get home and help me hang it on the wall. 
(it is heavy heavy heavy)
And I loved the sweet and simple juxtaposition of the layers
and shared it on Instagram.
And I have since had so many questions on where to find it 
and for more details about it.

And since my muscles have been out of town- that mirror isn't up yet
so I am sharing just the details today.

 Stay tuned to see where it lands.

You can find more info on the

Find ready to finish

and see all of the amazingness that is 

Happy Tuesday everyone

And no, this post isn't sponsored- just sharing the love.
A huge thank you to Lisa and the girls at Ave for for their friendship,
for all their amazing pieces and for reuniting me with my favorite mirror.

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  1. Well what a happy Tuesday! Courtney you are such a gem and I hope to see you in HighPoint. Our Showroom is IHFC InterHall 205 this market. Are you planning to come?

  2. What a coincidence! My sweet hubby drove an hour and a half to pick up one very much like this today. He said it weighed a ton.

  3. Courtney, that is one gorgeous mirror! I will be watching to see where it lands! Happy Tuesday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. Beautiful mirror Courtney! I can't wait see where you're putting it. I have a couple trumeau mirrors and I just love them. They add a romantic feeling to my home. Some people decorate around art or rugs, but I prefer beautiful sparkly mirrors.

  5. The mirror is so pretty!! All the furniture looks very cool. Love the reflection of the tree.

  6. So pretty! I love it too! Have you ever painted a mirror frame hold? If so, what paint did you use?