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Tips for inspired entertaining and a charming autumn table

I might be a little bit crazy for inspired table settings.

flowers, copper and greens on table

I love everything about them.
From the place settings, to the flatware to the flowers
and especially all of the ambiance that goes along with them.

The sounds of the crickets quietly singing
the flicker of the candle lights
the fresh air all around...

outdoor table set with copper and fresh greens and flowers

When I start dreaming up an outdoor table setting
I start dreaming of a place.
And all of the sensory elements that play a part in that setting like the wine country for example.

close up of candle on table setting

The wine country itself is surrounded by beauty-so it has a ton of ambiance and charm.
Rolling mountains frame both sides of a gorgeous lush valley.
The vineyards have a mingling of green leaves with pops of black, red, green grapes
and old thick gnarled vines.

table setting with copper outdoors

The smell of the wine country is fresh.
It also involves a lot of bread and cheese and all around delicious.

And the sounds - well you can imagine when you are sitting in a little winery in 
Calistoga or Saint Helena that the sounds of music in the background create a charming
At the winery, they will often times have a charming outdoor area where you can taste wine
and set up for lunch on their lawn
or enjoy a bite to eat at their restaurant.
There is an abundance of twinkle lights overhead
and festive music playing in the background.
And you feel like you are in a charming little cafe in a foreign country
truly enjoying the flavor.

Each element plays a part of the ambiance song.

table setting with warm autumn tones copper and greens

Of course, this table setting is not quite as amazing and inspired
but thinking about that feeling you get in a place like the wine country or that cafe in New Orleans
and listening to what it is that spoke to you and the details that made you remember it?
Well, that is the best way to evoke a similar feeling
when hosting a get together.

table setting with roses close up

For me, I tend to focus on first things first. 
And for me- that is the ambiance.
 Aka the flowers,
the place setting details
the table setting location,
the lighting, the perfect music,
then the menu- 
well, honestly,  the menu is the last thing I focus on.
(I know, a little backwards)

beautiful plates, gold flatware and greens on table

The things is, when I have friends or family over for dinner or a party, 
I want to create something that in turn
 creates a memory for my guests.
One where laughter and fun and beauty happened.

copper, candles and flowers for autumn table

This table setting was inspired by early autumn outdoors.
Warm tones in the copper and gold
and woodsy elements with the fresh picked ferns
and soft muted florals for a touch of romance.

roses and greens tablesetting

The candles were a huge part of the ambiance
and these copper mercury glass candles created a soft warm glow
while keeping the pretty coppery look going strong.

fresh greens and copper on table setting

It is a simple table with just a few woodland inspired elements.
The ferns which grow in abundance on our acreage
the fresh millet adds a touch of autumn
and the eucalyptus pods with their chunky charm
were all that was needed to create a soft fairy garden sort of feeling
 for the centerpiece.

greens and flowers on top of table with dishes and candles

A simple old wonky table that is never going to be perfect but that is perfect just as it is 
set under an apple tree on the pea gravel patio.
With nature all around providing a beautiful backdrop.

old farmhouse table on pea gravel patio set in autumn

I am already planning the next girls get together
and the next table inspired by the ambiance of a favorite place.
With flowers and an abundance of twinkle lights.
Soft music in the background, the perfect amount of candles
well, and the food, of course.

And on that note:
Several of you have emailed and asked me to share some favorite 
beautiful, delicious (and EASY) recipes for entertaining.
And November is just a month away (how in the world did that happen already?) 
so I am going to share a few inspired tables
and inspired (and easy) menu's to go along with them this month.
Because, when you are entertaining-
 you should be out mingling and laughing with your guests
not stuck in the kitchen cooking away-
and sitting down to eat looking a little disheveled
after all the work.
Hosting a party doesn't mean the party isn't enjoyable for you as well.
So an easy and amazing menu is definitely 
something that is important.

roses and greens on outdoor table

For more of the autumn home tour that goes along with this table
you can find it HERE.

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. The most wonderful part of all of this is to create something wonderful for your friends and family to enjoy. It's an important part of the process for me &, I think, part of the fun they have when they are with you. sending love.....

    1. Completely agree!!! That is exactly what I am talking about- creating something that creates a wonderful memory for your guests all around. (and enjoying it with them as well!) Thanks so much for stopping by Marsha!

  2. Love your table setting it looks so warm and inviting .The kind of setting that will not be forgotten by the guest. 😊💐💛