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7 romantic inspired simple table settings that are perfect

If you are like me... you might be thinking about romance today.

purple and pink outdoor table set under the stars

Well... and chocolate. But you know....
When my husband and I were first dating... one of our first dates involved 
simple romance... like 3 roses, an airport and Chinese take out.

Do you think an airport can be romantic?

peonies in silver container with blue glass table setting

Maybe if it involves a surprise trip to Paris or Italy or some exotic location, right?
I'm  pretty sure an airport can be quite romantic... 
but back when my husband and I were first dating-
 it wasn't about any surprise trips or exotic locations.
It was about dinner in an airport parking lot that was on top of a hill overlooking a city
and a spot to watch the planes fly in and out.
And Chinese take out containers.
I haven't had Chinese take out in years...
maybe even since that date back in the day.

But on that 2nd or 3rd date back in the day-
he stopped and picked up a couple of containers of Chinese food 
and drove up to that airport and parked in a perfect spot for plane watching.
And as we talked, he pulled out 3 roses and handed each of them to me - one at a time
One that was for friendship.
One that was for  romance.
One that was for new love.
It was so.sweet.

white ranunculus flower on blue dishes on table setting

And the food...
well, I was living on my own in a new state and had quite literally counted
pennies and dimes to get enough for my deposit on my apartment. ( I kid you not) 
So... I was kind of living on little bits of Herbalife mixed with water and nothing else.
A great diet- but I can't really recommend it for more than a couple of days.
So between you and me... I was starving.
Like wanted to eat ALL the food starving.
But I was one of those 19 year old girls who didn't want to eat anything in front of a cute guy.
Side note:
 what was I thinking?

So I nibbled.  A little bite here. Maybe one more small dainty bite there.
And when the date was wrapped and he dropped me off, 
I am not sure if it was my stomach growling or what... 
but he gave me the leftover Chinese food- just in case I got hungry later.
Which was quite literally about 3.25 seconds after I closed my apartment door.

So on a commercialized holiday like Valentine's day...
 I think about those little romantic things that we used to do back in the day
when we were first in love.
Like giving someone 3 roses that each have a special meaning...
and giving them the leftovers when you really wanted them for yourself.

peach ranunculus with pink and white

Today it is all about sprinkling a bit of romance
if you are celebrating with a romantic dinner for Valentine's- 
and as well, these 7 romantic inspired settings
are also perfect for everyday romance.

#1. Simple Obsessions

Obsessions are one thing... but a table setting all about obsessions
with those pretty peach and blush ranunculus - well that is something else all together.
And I was most definitely obsessed with every element from this setting.
But the romantic element that spoke the most?

Those ranunculus grouped in wine glasses as vases.
A simple and easy centerpiece that you can use market flowers for- and that doesn't require 
any special vases.

romantic inspired table setting

#2. Rustic Blue and White

A rustic blue and white table setting with vintage inspired plates is perfect 
for those who love a little bit of color on the table.

blue and white dishes with candles and flowers on table

#3. Vintage Mix 

If you have a variety of vintage plates in the china cabinet like most of us do- why not
gather them up and set the table with different place settings.
I love a little bit of mix & mingle on the table.

Vintage place settings for a romantic inspired table

#4. Simple Romance

for Valentine's day? Perfect.
And this one involves white flowers
with wax flower for simple and charming bouquets.

elegant table setting with flowers and blue dishes

#5. Under the stars

is always a good idea. If it is warm enough and not raining, of course.
But even if you move this table setting indoors- you can recreate much of the charm.

romantic inspired table setting outdoors

#6. Simple Whites 

Simple white dishes 
like the ones that are your every day, every occasion dishes

romantic table setting with white dishes outdoors

#7. Holiday inspired romance

Even though we are talking Valentine's day- taking some inspiration from a holiday table works
was a favorite from last year- with amethyst wine stems
and delicate blooms.

romantic inspired table setting outdoors on patio'

You can find all the details for each of these table settings by clicking on the links-

Happy Tuesday 


  1. Yours is a very romantic story, Courtney. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your husband. Cheers, Ardith

  2. such a precious story, Courtney, I hope you and your sweetie have a wonderful day!

  3. So sweet! Thank you for put a smile on my face :) And thank you for the table inspirations! I have been having more fun 'playing' with my table tops thanks to you....

  4. Your story of your date watching the planes is just so romantic with the three roses, something you will always remember and your table settings are absolutely gorgeous. Today we had 18C/65F here, amazing for a winter's day, it felt like summer, we ate outside in t shirts for lunch! But it also made me long for warmer days every day, when eating outside becomes the norm and long lazy evenings under the stars and with these table settings of yours it would be the perfect night.