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Random weekend

Happy first weekend in March.

It is a rainy weekend over here again.
Which means crackling fires in the fireplace,
wrapping up in warm blankets
and a little extra time cozy and working inside.

I love the random weekend posts. 
 A little of last week, a little of this next week- 
and a little about what is coming your way.
And none of it goes together.

I'm a leaving on a jet plane

I am up early on the way to the Design Bloggers Conference.

And you know what I do when I get up early for travel... I spend about 20 minutes before the alarm goes off laying in bed wondering if it is almost time to get up... and thinking about all of the things I forgot to pack. Or that maybe I should have packed. 
And I almost always remember one or two things that I shove into my suitcase
and then don't.even.use on my trip. 
But a bonus- my daughter did my eyebrows for me. And she is pretty much the eyebrow queen.  
And side note: How did she get so grown up and beautiful  already?!

This is from a walk out in our wintry weather... 
and yes, if you can't tell by the look on my face- I was freezing as the wind almost blew us over.

Strong coffee

Nothing like an extra cup of coffee to get me moving in the morning. 

And my favorite lately has been the pour over variety. Have you tried one? It is where each cup is individually made by pouring hot water over coffee grounds and dripping into your cup. So good. And strong. Which is how I like it. 

Blush & gold

A sneak peek of a couple of posts I worked on yesterday- and all about blush and gold.

I found the most gorgeous barely blushing linen table pieces and I fell in love. They are perfect for Easter and spring entertaining- but I have a feeling you will be seeing them popping up often around here. Sharing all the details about where to get them and how to get the best deal on them soon. 

Coming soon

I have a few more tweaks and changes planned for my blog design- and I am super excited about them. So just know that things may be wonky from time to time as they get figured out. 

And coming soon on the blog:
That gold and blush table setting
A centerpiece idea for Easter
Outdoor living inspiration and a refresh in a different spot
A fresh look in the bedroom- and tips on getting the look
and much more- including a bouquet for under $30 coming your way tomorrow.

And starting this month- I will be including a few fun free things in my newsletters- so don't forget to sign up for posts below.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Your daughter is lovely.
    I awoke to SNOW yesterday (hey, I'm in the south of France, where it rarely freezes, and indeed, it was a few degrees above freezing). The snow fell from 7-8, and by 10 it was gone. By 3 p.m., I was outdoors in a T shirt. Weird weather! But that's spring for you.

    1. Snow!! I guess mother nature has to remind us that it is not YET spring and winter can decide to be winter. Love that you were in a t-shirt by the afternoon-that is the perfect amount of snow and winter in my opinion! ;)

  2. Happy Sunday! Excited for this year's conference and our talk. <3 Yep, more rain. Looking forward to a quick walk on the beach... :)

    Glad to be back in Cali for a week!
    Barb :)

  3. Beautiful ladies ☺
    Funny, I went this weekend shopping for a pour over coffee pot. I miss my old one and need a replacement. Funny how everything old is new again.

    1. Pour over coffee is sooo good! A bit time consuming when making several cups in the morning but so delicious!

  4. Love all your colors! It's just me and what I love, from your home to all your projects <3 Blush and gold, Yes!!

  5. Sounds like your going to have a busy week, be safe and can't wait to hear about your meeting. Love the last photo and saying. Love the blush napkins. Be safe.

  6. Sounds like your going to have a busy week, be safe and can't wait to hear about your meeting. Love the last photo and saying. Love the blush napkins. Be safe.

  7. Rainy and cold here in Silicon Valley too. Every now and then the sun popped out today, so it wasn't too bad. Looking forward to the Easter centerpiece and those pink linens. Happy weekend!

    1. Yes, it has been such strange weather this year!! Happy weekend to you as well!

  8. Your blog makes me *sigh* with pleasure. It is a treat for the eyes. Your daughter is gorgeous! She looks like you. Safe travels!!

    1. She is a beauty (though I might be biased ) ;) Thanks so much for your kind comments when you stop by- they always makes me smile.

  9. I'm looking forward to your Easter/Spring tablescapes with the pretty linens. You have a very beautiful daughter and I'm wondering if she enjoys helping you with your styling and projects for your blog?
    Kathleen in Az

    1. I am excited- definitely a bit obsessed with entertaining and table settings- so I am excited to share ideas! My daughter has helped with projects- she is really great with YouTube and she is often the 'hand' in the photo when I need one. :)

  10. Have a safe trip and can't wait to hear all about those blush linens!

  11. Like Mother, like Daughter. You two are beauty queens.

  12. You're both beautiful. Your daughter definitely gets her good looks from you! I love that pillow and was wondering if it was needle point, as my late mother did bbeautiful embroidery and needlepoint.

  13. So kind of you - thank you! The pillow is a French aubusson- which is like a needlepoint. :)