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Wood plank walls and 3 reasons to love them

If you follow me on instagram, then you know we are in the middle of a big old project over here.
One that involves sawdust and messes and lots of pretty grooved wood planks.
And so much potential for amazingness.

wood planks on wall

Planked wood is not something that is new to our house by far.
I have mentioned before that in the house has 
original old 1940 grooved and detailed knotty pine walls.
The kitchen? 
The bathroom?
Inside the closets? 
renovated bathroom with marble and wood planks

I kid you not... every. room.  
And when we first walked through the house- it was absolutely insane how dark and dreary those stained wood walls made it feel. 

stained knotty pine walls antique

But of course you know those gorgeous walls full of texture and charm weren't going anywhere. 
They were just getting a coat of crisp white paint. 
And indeed they did. 
And a brighter, lighter, more welcoming home came into view in a snap.

knotty pine walls and transferware dishes

You see... I have a love of planks.
And no- I am not talking about the ones you do in the gym.
I am talking wood planks on the walls and ceilings
and how much it speaks to me.

The project we are doing now involves 8" tongue and groove pine- 
along with some pretty chunky boards that are original to the house.  
And I am SO. EXCITED. about this project I could burst.

But right now,  I am covered in sawdust and in the middle of that big old project- so that will have to wait- and instead let's talk 3 reasons why you should love plank walls
 and  Friday Favorites today.

Reason # 1 to love plank walls? 
They bring character to a room instantly.

One of the first posts I shared about our knotty pine- 
and those oh so lovely before and after photos showing what a difference it makes.
 It is a post that so many of you could relate to- 
and it is one of your favorites.
 An ode to loving that knotty pine... and loving it even more when it is painted. 

Post disclaimer: 
If you are against painting over wood- 
you might not want to click that link and go any further.

old knotty pine walls before
 Reason # 2 - wood planks aren't just for walls.

Of course wood planks and beams and beaded board aren't just for walls. They are for anywhere you want to put some extra oomph.
Boring sheetrock ceilings can become beautiful works of art with wood planks
and beams. 
See more ideas in my post about

white decorated living room with wood walls

Reason #3- Painted, Stained or natural- they are full of character

And if you are like me- and you love wood plank walls
and you love white painted wood plank walls-
 this post is for you.
Because whether they are stained or painted or simply whitewashed- 
they are wonderful for creating a warm and inviting feeling in a room.
There is something about those grooves and that texture that wraps a room with a sprinkle of extra something-something. 
And painted is my favorite look
So... this post is all about Painting wood walls

painted wood plank walls

And a question...
 I would love to know if you have wood walls in your home- 
and do you have them natural, stained or painted ?
And is it love or not so much?

I am off for a little jog this morning and then it is back to work.
Happy Friday everyone.


  1. The last home I lived in with my parents and brothers when I was entering high school was a house made out of 8" stacked pecky cedar logs. The home had been built in the late 1960's by a doctor up in the then country area of Shingle Springs, below Placerville, CA. The bedrooms were large and tamboured folding doors closed each of our closets. It was a great house but I realize now my mother would have liked it better if it had been painted. I'd definitely live in another wood house again, if we could find one. :)

    Happy Friday and I hope your project is going well,
    Barb :)

  2. I love planked walls and ceilings but unfortunately don't have any in my present home. Your home is truly beautiful and love all your photos. xx

  3. Just had white washed tongue and groove ceilings put in my living and dining room. I couldn't be happier with them. Although, I may get a permanent crick in my neck from looking up at them constantly! Saving pennies now to do ALL the rooms...sigh. Yours are a knock out!

  4. The transformation of your rooms, while staying faithful to the wood is amazing. We have wooden walls and ceiling in the family room and painted them white too - perfect for artworks and accessorising the room.

  5. We had solid paneling at our old house and I would have loved to paint the paneling -- Hubby looked at me as if I had spouted a string of swear words. Alas!! Our paneled walls did not get painted. To think how bright and cheery the rooms would have looked. People have the same reaction over furniture. Unless it is a valuable antique don't you think you should be able to give the furniture new life??

  6. I could not agree with you more about the wall and the celling I love them on the ceiling , but i also love the natural color of the beams with white planks in between the beams. I don't have any planking in my home at the moment.