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Moss Mountain Farm Tour- The Gardens

Moss Mountain Farm is incredible.
Seriously. Incredible. 

It is a make you want to move to the south and live on a farm
with gardens and animals and lots of pretty amazing river views incredible.
And today, it is all about some of what enchanted me in the gardens.

I had the pleasure of visiting P. Allen Smith at Moss Mountain Farm in May for a fun couple of days
filled with gardening, farming, and all things Arkansas country fun.

And my favorite things about the trip were surprisingly 
not the famous pecan pie- 
but that was a very close 2nd- I kid you not- SO GOOD.

Really though, it was all the incredible amount of inspiration I found.

Of course the farm was absolutely gorgeous. 
And a fun fact- the house is not old.
I know. 
Power of good planning and construction and paint techniques.

But aside from the house which
I also fell in love with the beautiful Arkansas countryside and gardens.

I am one of those put every pretty face into a flower bed and see what happens kind of girl.
I think they affectionately call that 'english cottage garden style'
P.Allen. Smith has put so much thought into careful and detailed garden planning
and the result is amazing.
And it definitely made me think differently about landscape design in general.

From the raised beds that were filled with beautiful plantings

carefully groomed boxwoods and greens- it was so beautiful.

We even enjoyed some of the flowers in a summer refreshment.

In the huge vegetable garden that had row after row of veggies and good things to nourish you-
we romped around, picked carrots and enjoyed several fresh picked veggies.

But something that stood out for me were the small buildings and secret garden areas.

I adored these charmers- and my favorite- there were two of them.
One on each side of the center lawn area at the back of the house.
I am a big symmetry girl- it just makes me happy. 

This garden. 
The fountain surrounded by potted plants and that. river.view. 

I also loved the careful choices in the simplest of spots.
The picket fence that layered that gorgeous pop of pink and chartreuse green.

And probably my most favorite, most amazing, most enchanted spot on the property for me...
this European style garden.

Just beyond this bench
you find this...

Perfect symmetry lining this long path towards the river
and an amazing hidden garden area.

Oh yeah. You know I was loving this spot and snapping away.

After the garden tours, we visited the animals that P.Allen tends to,
a smaller house on the property 
made flower crowns...
and then we have to talk about table setting goals...
all of which,  
I will share in a separate post.

I hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. I've seen his garden from Rhoda's perspective, too, and I have to say that there is so much inspiration in every area! Seriously gorgeous, but even a humble cottage like mine can use aspects from his gardens!

    Thanks for your beautiful photos!

  2. What an absolutely glorious garden. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Beautiful property! It's been several years, but I enjoyed watching P. Allen Smith on t.v. for his gardening tips.

  4. Gorgeous. I love that the house isn't old but looks as if it were.

  5. Such a beautiful garden!!! Thank you for sharing....Love the European garden part.....

  6. Wow, some parts of the garden are more formal than I expected, which is a pleasant surprise. I love symmetry too... What a treat it must have been for you to visit Allen's home!

    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us...

    xo ciao!

  7. I'm glad you got to tour P. Allen Smith's gardens and home. What a lovely, lovely place! I, too, saw the gardens through Rhoda's and another blogger's eyes and really you all picked up on different bits, which makes it such fun to read all of your blogposts! 💕😊

    Thank you for sharing, as always,
    Barb ☺️🌸

  8. Wow! Amazing garden!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie;-)