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Random Weekend

Happy weekend. 
And yes, it is that random weekend time again.

And this weekend it is all about blooms, books, travel & behind the scenes.

Pink hydrangeas

I am obsessed with these pretty little blushing blooms. 
I mostly find blues and whites and the little green hydrangeas at the local markets... 
but was excited to find these gorgeous pink and purple hydrangeas this week. 
And a quick tip- these were at Whole Foods Market. 
So if you are as obsessed as I am- try your local store and see if they have any in. 

And if you are looking for my best tip for keeping hydrangeas from wilting

Road trip

This week, we hopped in the car and took a quick drive through the wine country on a quest. 
A quest of crumbly horse hair plaster proportions. Yeah, I know. Crazy right? Not something I had seen before... but indeed- horse hair and plaster is exactly what it is. Has anyone heard of that before? Please share if you know more about it- and will be more on that coming soon.

Reading list

This week I am sharing two books that I have recently discovered. 
A new adult coloring book from fabulous Miss Mustard Seed.  
Marian always has so many good ideas for being creative- and now she has an amazing adult coloring book that encourages you to doodle.
Which incidentally feels just as fun as it did when we were kids. I am obsessed.

And my friend Kelly of My Soulful Home has a new book all about flowers- 
flower arranging and pretty little details and everything in between. Even bouquets of the month.
And if you are a flower obsessed type like me- it will be a definite treat. Read more about it here.

Las Vegas Market 

I am at Las Vegas Market this weekend working  to bring you a ton of inspiration. 
From taking over their instagram- to touring and choosing the Best Booth awards  
and I am pretty excited to be speaking on a panel all about vintage in design. 
If you are at Market- come say hello- and tune into my instagram stories and facebook for what inspires me and catches my eye.

And I am doing a little vintage shopping.
Remember last market when I shipped back that
Since my oldest son lives in Vegas
 I am thinking packing and shipping will be much easier AND less expensive.
Hopefully.  Without any more laundry baskets...

Coming your way tomorrow- 
details about the She Shed and more about the how-to.
And later this week- that  tip for those hydrangeas and first favorites from Las Vegas Market.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. My sister has a couple of antique chairs that are stuffed with horse hair. Materials were probably pretty scarce way back, so people probably used whatever they had to build homes and furniture. Looking forward to hearing what it is you encountered. Have a great time in LV. Can't wait to hear about all the great stuff you see, do and maybe come back home with :)

  2. Love the hydrangeas , I think the horse hair is a type of texture on the plaster , I'm not sure I will have to look further.

  3. I work in a 1850's historic home in Vermont and the walls there are made of horse hair plaster. But I know nothing about more modern applications. Can't wait to find out what you ran into!

  4. I hope you are enjoying Vegas, looking forward to what you found! Thanks for hosting!