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Random Weekend

It’s that time again.
That this and that random weekend time.

And this week, it is a short and sweet weekend view- with just a bit about travel, photo shoots and what is coming your way. 

Best 9 on Instagram

The Best 9 photos on Instagram is always a fun way to look back and see what you loved this year. And so here are the top 9 photos of 2017 on IG.

 And if you aren’t following along over there- I share several snippets and bits during the day and week that I don’t share here- and I would love to have you join over there as well. You can find me HERE 

Travel Diaries

2018 is starting off with a busy month of work and travel.

  From L.A. to Vegas - I have several trips on the calendar.  Including a couple of days planned for local California travel for a new photography project and a bit of video work- and yes, maybe a couple of beach bike photos.

Photo shoots

I am excited to be heading out for an exciting photo shoot this week that might involve something on the softer side and someone all know and love. 


Stay tuned on Instagram for some behind the scenes sneak peeks and where I will be working.

Running  & Shaking it off

I have been running consistently again recently- and have gotten back on the Shakeology train- I know I promised some recipes soon for the best nutritious shakes- and so in the new year I am going to branch out and start including some of my favorite recipes- shakes, vegetarian recipes and more. 

Coming your wayIt is all about the details, details, details. 

More about that coffee table I have been crushing on- and details on the changes in the kitchen. 

Plus, I will be spilling the beans about that photo shoot and sharing tips for the easiest ways to warm up your home in winter.

Happy random weekend everyone.


  1. Happy and safe travels to you! This flower bouquet is lovely!!!

    Enjoy your work week,
    Barb :)

  2. Have a great time traveling and I look forward to seeing what you are up to!

  3. I love your knack for styling Courtney, can't wait to see what's next :)