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7 simple and easy flower container ideas

I have a slight obsession with flowers.

I know that might be a surprise...

And maybe it isn't noticeable in my blog posts and photography.
But it is true. And I can't seem to break the flower habit.

Like peonies- they taunt me with their layers and layers of petals.

And ranunculus- oh those ruffly little beauties.

Garden roses- the scent and the buttercup details are always a good idea.

and there are so.many. more. I could go on and on.

And yes, I put those flowers in every room. 
Even on the stairs and in the bathroom. 
And yes,  I even put them on cakes.

I am what you might call Floral obsessed. And today- the day of chocolate hearts, love notes and doilies- I am sharing a few seriously simple flower arrangements- in the most seriously simple of containers that you probably have on hand right now.  
Because those Valentine's day flowers  should be enjoyed everywhere. 

#1. Fill a vintage tureen with clippings

This particular arrangement was the result of a bit of an oops and broken flower stems
And something like this is also a perfect idea for some of those short stem blooms.
Because not all blooms are long stemmed 
and it can make them difficult to find a container for. 

#2. Just a couple sprigs of spring

I am all about simple arrangements- like stock or larkspur in a soap bottle. Perfection. And yes, I buy soap for the bottles and then save them. I might be crazy. haha. 

 #3.  Simple Silver Goblets

You know those vintage silver goblets in the cupboard that have just been waiting to be enjoyed?
This one is just roses and white stock- simple and sweet.

#4. Vintage Glasses 

Once again- just do a little shopping in your cabinets and see what you can find that will work for holding flowers. The containers don't have to be over the top or too detailed to do a beautiful job. 

#5. Mason Jars

Who doesn't love a mason jar bouquet?
I stock pile those big ones and love to group several for a table or mantel styling. 

#6. Use a garden pot

Because it is one of those things that you don't usually think of using for cut flowers
but makes a charming presentation on a table. 
Just tuck a plastic bucket inside to hold the water and fill with your fresh clipped blooms.

#7. French Market Bag 

One of my favorites- using a favorite tote or basket as a vessel for flowers.
Just place your arrangement inside and enjoy. 

I am off to bake a  cheesecake for sweethearts day- happy Wednesday everyone. 

 (if you are looking for a delicious cheesecake for dessert


  1. Beautiful! I so enjoy your posts. The flowers are ne plu ultra (not sure of spelling??) Love the naked cake picture, it's a great inspiration for me to try and emulate. Thanks for posting the cheesecake recipies, will definitely have to try one.
    I really appreciate your style.

  2. I love your style and inspiration!!! These flower arrangements are beautiful

  3. These ideas are all beautiful, Courtney. Super round-up of pretty ideas!