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The Weekend Five

Happy weekend everyone.

Can you believe it is already the last weekend in August?
This year has literally felt like it has absolutely zoomed by at faster than usual speeds. Anyone else feel that way? 

I am over here playing with autumn stylings this weekend to get ready to share with you for inspiration- and there has already been a slight chill in the air in the evenings and early mornings... which signals that autumn is just around the corner. 
This week though- I am sinking myself into warm summer days and the fact that fall does not officially arrive for another few weeks. Here are the random 5 for the weekend.

#1. Half Moon Bay

My husband and I darted across the bay to Half Moon Bay for a staycation last week. I am a huge fan of the ocean and sneak a day or two by the water in every chance I get.  This little cottage with those weathered adirondacks tucked in between those gorgeous trees is a favorite.  I literally want to grab my coffee and sit down for a bit every time we visit. Not sure the homeowner would appreciate that though. :) 

After relaxing ocean side, we stopped at the flower market on the way back in and then over to one of my favorite places in the bay- Sausalito for lunch.  

The Napa Valley Burger Company has some pretty delicious veggie burgers- and I also recommend sharing a side of the truffle fries if you feel like being just a tad bit bad. 
We have a bit of exploring on the calendar further up the coast soon-stay tuned for all the behind the scenes of those areas coming up. 

#2. Flower Market Dreams

Of course a stop at the Flower Market was on the agenda- and this time- I loaded up on autumn colors- with my own soft and muted palette of course. 
Like these gorgeous garden roses in the palest blush and white.

This is an iphone shot for Instagram and I am playing with a few stylings this weekend - and am loving the beautiful hydrangeas that I loaded up on. They are the most beautiful shades of purple and pink - just perfect for mixing with baby boo pumpkins when I find them.

#3. Three simple tips to decorate your porch for autumn

Over on the Balsam Hill blog- I am sharing 3 simple tips for decorating your porch for autumn. Seriously simple. As in you just need a couple things and a magic wand and voila. Read the tips HERE 

And this year- I have something fun planned for the porch. Once those pumpkins arrive... 

#4. Bella Cottage Giveaway

Just a couple days left to enter to win a $500 gift card to The Bella Cottage- my source for Eloquence, linens and so much more. Enter HERE 

#5. Speaking of book celebrations... 

You guys are the best. 
Seriously. Absolutely unbelievable. 
For each of you for your orders, shares and support-  I cannot say thank you enough. Without you- French Country Cottage would not be what it is and I am so very grateful for you. 

A quick favor... inevitably there is always someone who doesn't like something for one reason or another and so there are always negatives that show up.   As many 5 star happy reviews  as possible over at Amazon are greatly appreciated.  So if you enjoyed my book and are so inclined - your good review would be so wonderful- you can leave a review here .

Coming your way this week:

A quick change in the bedroom involving blues... and I am loving it.
Another behind the scenes on the book- I hope you aren't tired of them yet! And will be announcing all the winners for the 5 weeks of giveaways.  Side note: The ebook I promised is coming and I am so sorry for the delay. I had hired someone to format it for me- and it isn't done yet. I do apologize and appreciate your patience. 
Remember that something I was so excited about that I shared a few weeks ago?  They came and installed last week- and I am loving how they turned out.  So simple and yet- such a game changer. Sharing all about Phantom Screens, my thoughts and how they are working out so far.

And - a bit of autumn inspiration coming your way. But after the 1st... because- it is August and summer yet and I am savoring every bit of it.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I totally agree that time seems to be going by faster and faster. It's really hard to keep although I must admit that I am looking forward to decorating for fall.

  2. I just received your book this week and settled in yesterday morning with my tea to read. I made myself put it away about half way through because I didn't want it to end! It is going to be a classic. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.

    1. Oh I am so glad you are enjoying it!! Thank you so much Andrea!!

  3. Courtney, I love your posts and your designs, lets say I just love everything about you!!!
    Sometimes when I am down, I will turn to; The computer and start to read one of your
    posts . Wow my mood changes to a happy mood!!! You are one of my favorites !!!
    I placed for an order for yourBook on July 9, 2018 never received. received e-mail
    they're so sorry for the delay. Then never heard anymore. God Bless; Antoinette Graziano

    1. From Amazon? That is crazy!! I know the publisher placed another order for books so they won't run out- so you should have gotten it. But the release date when they would have been able to ship them wasn't until the 14th of August- maybe that was the delay? Either way- you should have received by now. So sorry Antoinette! I do have signed copies available in my shop as well if you would prefer. I can mail out the same day the order is received. You can find them at
      And thank you so much for your kind words - you are so sweet.

  4. Hello Friend,
    I love the beach - especially out of season when hardly anyone is there - and Dearest and I can walk along listening to the sound of the waves, feel the still warm breeze and watch the birds float in the sky!...We need some time off ourselves! Signs of fall here have started - those glorious cool mornings and crisp, clear evenings. Big black birds have appeared in our backyard, Sweet Autumn Clematis and Hurricane Lilies...YES! This year has flown! It's been a very good year, though, wouldn't you agree? I hope you have a blessed week!

  5. I love my book, it came so beautifully package with a sweet note from you. Thank you so much. I have been sharing you with some friends and they love you also.
    I have an event coming upon Friday at my store and I hope to work at recreating the beautiful cake you have pictured in the book and on this page. Thank you again, Kris

  6. Good Morning, weekend was busy so just now getting to your blog. I know exactly what you mean by time flying faster and faster! So wish we had a lovely flower market close by.....I use silks in the house due to husbands' allergies and one pesty little cat who loves to attack live flowers no matter where they are placed. LOL The silk flowers of today are nothing like long ago, one has to touch them to see if they are the real thing. Have an awesome week!