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Why your doors need these screens

Have I mentioned that we have a new grand dog in the house?

A wee dachshund named Cleo who loves to run around and dart in and out of the room
and under the sofa and basically... everywhere.

And so... that means... we have had dog gates up on all the doors.
Because that baby dog can't go outside yet until she has all of her shots
and because, she would absolutely be like the Pokey Little Puppy and wander who knows where.
And so baby gates everywhere on the doors. And folks... that is a lot of doors and gates.
We have 4 sets of french doors in the house.

And those French Doors are some of my favorite things. We love to enjoy them wide open during the day and in the evenings in summer to let the cool air in the house. 
But there is a small problem with that..
French doors don't have any screens like a slider does.

Or at least they didn't until now.

Remember when I told you I was so excited about something I could hardly stand it?
It was this. 
Having Phantom Screens installed on my french doors.
Game changer folks.
If you aren't familiar with them- they are retractable screens. 
So, when they are closed- they keep the bugs out and the wee grand dog in.
And when they are retracted-  you don't see them at all- you just see the french doors
 and the beautiful views.

Now you see them...

Now you don't.

Unlike other screen door that sit to one side all the time.
These are 2 separate screens - one on each side/door and they meet in the middle when closed. 
And you can close just one of them if you don't want both of your doors open. 
The french doors above are antiques- and they open out rather than in like the others.

They simply mounted the screens on the inside. 
They are that thin white strip with the handle.
And on the others- they are mounted outside.
So, new, vintage, doubles, singles- you name it. Those screens can go anywhere.

I spy a Sweet Pea watching me, a mirror reflection and a few books packaged up and ready to send out on the table - but I don't see the screens.
They fit pretty seamlessly into the framing on the doors and were professionally 
installed in just a couple hours. 

I know it is such an everyday thing for many- but for us- a serious game changer.
You see our home is 1940's which means no central air- 
and during those hot summer nights 
we open all the doors to cool the house down for a few hours before bed.
And we inevitably find insects that enjoy coming in along with that cooler air. 

 Some have suggested installing slider doors in their place to solve the issue.
But French doors are so beautiful and are more fitting for the style and era of our home and we don't want to cover that charm up.
And now- doors open and screens closed and we can enjoy that 
 fresh air without any worries about wander puppies or insects. 

You can find more info about Phantom Screens and how you can order your own

And they are baby dog Cleo and Sweet Pea approved.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I partnered with Phantom Screens to share these French door game changers 
but my love of them is all my own.


  1. I can't take it - the puppy is so cute and I love your screen door! :) xo

  2. We have retractable screens on our windows, something very rare in France. A few friends have copied. But the doors...I wish they had these here! We had custom screen doors made! These are so discreet and integrated.

    1. Our kitty's were named Sweet Pea(age 15 when she passed), and Cleo (19), who just passed away in June at the age of 19.

    2. francetaste, there's a distributor in the UK, maybe you can contact him and see if he'd be prepared to visit France!

    3. For windows would be wonderful too! We have a couple of windows that the screens were damaged on long ago- and we should replace. I am not sure if there is a distributor near you?

  3. Courtney, we have these on our French doors and windows in our sunroom. They were the best investment ever. Ours are about 14 years old. We have never had an issue with them. They have allowed us to have a screened in porch when the weather permits and an enclosed room in the cold months. Absolutely recomment Phantom Screens!

    1. They are such a game changer aren't they Sarah? I just love them and being able to open the doors and close the screens is such a treat. Sometimes it is the simple things that make a huge difference in how you live in a space. :)

  4. Just a word of caution....if puppy gets excited and hits them hard enough they will pop open. We have them and have for years.....but we keep an eye on the critters. Our kitty was playing and slid into one and it popped open. Also our Shizh Zu knows she can lean hard against them and they will pop. It takes a lot but be prepared :-)

    1. I know. We have had these wonderful screens in our house for the past 15 years. The same ones. Our whippet Stella figured out that if she bonked the screen with her nose, they pop open. Hence we have had to put baby gates over the Phantom screens.

    2. Oh yes, I hear you. I imagine they could push through and pop it open somehow. Thankfully both Sweet Pea and Cleo are not necessarily feisty trying to get out (at this point) just curious about what is outside and I know they would wander if unsupervised. I will keep an eye on them- thank you!

  5. We had Phantom Screens installed a few years ago. They are fabulous.

  6. We had Phantom Screens installed a few years ago. They are fabulous.

  7. Those screens are the perfect choice for your vintage cottage, and those French doors are beautiful.

    1. They really are a good choice for vintage homes too- since they so seamlessly fit and don't take away from the charm. Thanks Pat!

  8. Of course your little doggies are adorable and you are very courageous with insects coming in too:). With no ac the retractable screens are a perfect fit. I'm very happy for you that everyone loves your book:) Kathleen in Az

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We are lucky that we don't usually get tooooooo crazy hot - just a few weeks of the summer usually and it is good that this area cools down at night- but trying to get that cool air to circulate without inviting any bugs in? Not easy haha. So these are great. And thank you about the book Kathleen!

  9. I have a neighbor who had the screen installed on his front door and loves it. And it really is seamless. You can't see it at all when it's not in use.

    1. Yes, they are so 'quiet' in their look when pulled aside and when stored away. :)

  10. My husband and I live in Colorado and we put a Phantom Screen Door on our front door. They are absolutely “AWESOME”! I would recommend them to everyone who wants to have a big wreath or basket hung on their door.....when the door is open you can use your screen door, but when you want to have your door closed, the screen door magically rolls back into the discreet frame...out of sight ❤️ Pure genius! Sincerely, Patty from Colorado

    1. Yes!! Such a great point! We have one on the front door and on the cottage door- and they are wonderful for any door - any size. Love that point about the wreath- so great to not worry about a usual 'screen' door getting in the way. :)

  11. Screens are essential in Australia. Keep the doggies nails trimmed down.

  12. The house looks fantastic. I can't believe how you went without! Phantom's are the perfect choice for french doors. Who would want to hide the beautiful panes? And, I love how all throughout winter, I'm not banging through some screen door or looking through an ugly sliding door. (No offence to anyone who chooses a slider! Mine is ugly.)
    I *might* work for my local distributor.

    1. Haha!! Love your disclaimer!! They are incredible screens. I’m seriously loving them so much!! :)

  13. We've had Phantom Screens on our doors for years... unfortunately our little Haveshon has learned to pop them open! Hope your cute little one doesn't learn this trick!

  14. Looks great! Though I don't know for certain the brand, have had these on two sets of french doors for several years now. They work great to air the porch, which also has a foam roof, because there is no AC on our old porch. They also keep the bugs out. When I open them, the toy poodles don't mess with them. I think our pug could reck them, so we don't leave her unmonitored; everything mouthed and a strong body. We have no young children. xoxo Su

  15. We have two dachshunds and they are only allowed in the fenced in back yard. When they've managed to dart out when the front door is open it's heads down and away they go. It's their nature!

    We had our French doors that open in replaced (not antique) and the new ones came with screens like the kind that come with sliders. We love having them.

  16. We recently had the Phantom screen installed on our French doors and our 100-lb. lab went through it right away. Fortunately, we were able to put it back on the track without damage. The distributor told us to have dogs/pets stand by the doors, let the screens retract suddenly to kind of startle the pet. We did this and we have not had problems with the dogs attempting to exit since. Anyway, we too love the screens and the cross breeze we get when in use. Love your home, Courtney!