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Holiday home-Living room Christmas tree

Decking the halls with a sprinkle of merry and bright in the living room.

I have been moving slowly with Christmas decor over here.
A little bit of this one day and a little bit of that another.

And I have been feeling a little bit more 'simple' than ornate for sure.
Except... when I start out trying to keep it simple 
sometimes it turns into a bit more magical.

So the living room this year? 
Well, I had a plan. 
You know one of those best laid plans of mice and men kind of plans.
And as I was off in High Point
my husband was up to something at home.
He didn't tell me. 
But we had already talked about when I got home from High Point
we would get the trees up for the season.
And I was so excited and came up with a soft and serene theme I was
going with this year... just one tree with simple whites and an abundance of lights.
I got on the plane after I wrapped up work  and landed back home
and walked in the door...
 and found 3 trees in the living room.

Already set up. 
Already fluffed 
Already  shaped perfectly.
Twinkling away like magic.
And that was just the start of it.
He actually put up several trees in the house.
So.sweet.of. him. to do that- right? He is a keeper and 
I think I need to add him to the French Country Cottage team. 

Though I originally had a different idea of what tree was going in the living room this year
the trees looked incredible already.
So tossed the best laid plans 
 and we went with bold and beautiful on repeat.

These are the same trees I have been putting up in the living room for several years
- my favorites- Frosted Fraser Fir
My color scheme was simple - frosty trees with just
 whites and golds- and a few gold pinecones.
 I started with glittered coral picks for an extra bit of sparkle

And added a few chunky gilded pinecones 
for a rustic touch to mingle with the glam.

The living room and dining room are one large room all in one- 
so there are 2 smaller trees on one side and a large tree on the other for the dining room area.
We have quite a few changes going on in here - so sharing just a snippet this post.

The mantel is simple as well- just a fresh olive garland 
and gilded candles.

and chunky knit stockings on each side.

A closer look coming your way next week 
(and yes, things might have changed since some of these photos were taken- tis the season) 

And don't miss any of my Seasons of Home friends sharing their living rooms 
today as well.

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  1. So beautiful!! He is definitely a keeper!! I am inspired each time I see your posts and pictures!

  2. So beautiful!! He is definitely a keeper!! I am inspired each time I see your posts and pictures!

  3. Oh he is a keeper Courtney...and thought he was already part of "the team" :) So beautifully enchanting!!!

  4. Is there flocking on the trees? If so do you spot flock? I love flocked trees but when I do it myself it isn’t thick enough and gives the tree a subtle green color. Any thoughts? Thx.

    The trees are lovely ;-)

  5. Oh my GOODNESS😍😍😍😍 stunning!!! So talented ❤

  6. What kind of snow do you use to give your trees that frosted snowy look??

  7. One word - WOW! One question - Can I come spend an hour in your living room just to absorb all the magical beauty? You should post a video of your rooms with soft Christmas music to use as meditations. What a thoughtful husband - he obviously loves you very, very much!

  8. Just Beautiful as always. Love all of it. Thank you for inspiring us all.