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How a simple change can bring a fresh look

A new look.

That whole idea that comes with a makeover... oftentimes people think in order to create a fresh new look- it has to be a lot of work, a lot of money- or both. 

But the reality of it is - some of the biggest changes come from changing just one thing.
A new color on the walls, bold pattern where there was once simple, artwork, fresh linens or one new piece that gives the space a different look. 
It might be something subtle- like you aren't 100% sure what changed when you look at it-  but it also might be something wild and crazy. That is up to you. :)

I am more in the subtle camp most of the time- though I have been known to get a bit wild and crazy on occasion.  And today I am sharing a subtle change in the dining room- and a few examples of how changing a simple thing can totally change the look. Some are investment budget projects- meaning they are not something to change on a whim - but others are simple, inexpensive and the best- Easy. 


You might have noticed in a recent instagram share- that something had changed in the dining room. The dining room is ever evolving- and it is not done yet. But one thing I wanted to update for awhile and just hadn't done yet- was the lighting. 

While I loved the vintage style chandeliers that hung above the table- the design wasn't working for me as much as I was looking for.  They felt a bit on the small size for the very large room- and they didn't have the 'french' feeling I was looking for. 

I found these gorgeous beauties and decided to give them a go. 

The finish was a bit different than expected so stay tuned for a bit of a change but the length and style and all.that.bling. are perfection.

Get the look:

Here - Here  and Here 


And on the subtle note- a rug brings a new perspective and feeling to a room. 
Whether you choose bold and beautiful colors and patterns or soft and subtle vintage vibes- simply having something on the floor brings a different feeling. 

Wall Art

This is a bit of a drama filled changed. 

 From an oversized chalkboard 

To vintage style canvas- the feeling in the room is completely different. 
From my book- here


This may be considered an investment update depending on your source of choice. If you are shopping second hand flea markets or craigslist for new sofas- you can update on a dime.  This sofa was a craigslist find that I reupholstered on my own. It was inexpensive- but definitely a lot of work and not sure I would tackle a sofa again. And yes- for those new here- this is what my bedroom looked like about 10 years ago. haha.

If it is elegant and fine reproductions- they will cost more but they won't need any budget to clean, repair, etc and also will last. 

Find the sofa here- more details on why I chose this style coming. 

Fresh Paint

Easy and inexpensive- and a total room changer. A can or 2 of paint in a different color can instantly change your space. From yellow to white in the bedroom- totally new look. From white to dark blue or black- again- totally different look.  Even if it is another shade of white in a room- that fresh paint brings a freshness. And this is something you can do for under $100.


Pillows, bedding, curtains- all easy & inexpensive to change and all bring change to a room. 

Coming up-  I will share a few more ideas on freshening and updating, a dozen ideas for the BEST French style chandeliers and sofas-  and how to get the look on a dime. 

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Courtney,
    The new chandeliers are spectacular!


  2. Courtney, you must have been reincarnated from a designer at Versailles. No one decorates the way you do. I look forward to all your posts and my heart beats a little faster when I read them.

  3. Your chandeliers are quintessential French in every way!!!

    Where did you get your vintage style canvas in the dining room??? Love, love, LOVE the look!!

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une belle mise en lumière... Très belles captures photographiques...
    Un charmant billet.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  5. Well I must say.. What a Look!!! you were going for. You Nailed It!!!I bought a chandelier years ago for my niece when she was 5. Can't not have one especially in a little girls room. CeeCee McCaffrey

  6. Love all the gorgeous roses.