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A romantic inspired bedroom

I love creating a little getaway space... full of charm, romantic touches and simple details. 
And remember that new little barn I shared last week? And remember how I said I had styled it several ways already even though the barn isn't finished yet? Well.....

Today it is about creating a dreamy getaway room
in that barn for guests or a for a little summer sleeping room.

So, out went the table and chairs and in went a bed. Just like that.
 I know... that makes it sound like we snapped our fingers and voila. haha. Yeah. No.
It was a bit of work to do the furniture shuffle- but when we saw a French loft inspired bedroom come together... it was so worth it.

This was something I dreamed up while redoing a guest bedroom...
we ran into a few issues with wallpaper and had to do a quick change in plans- and then I thought about this. 
A bedroom... in a barn. A little rustic. A little elegant. A whole lot of inspired.
A perfect place for warm weather guests to stay and stay cool in the evenings. 
I had a vision for a dreamy space filled with feminine charm.
Ruffles, texture and lots of pretty. 

A perfect mix & mingle that is my favorite- that softer balance to the more rustic backdrop
of the barn with those open beams and painted floors.

After getting the bed frame and mattress in place,
I started playing with these delicious linens from Soft Surroundings.

This textured blush blanket that is one of my absolute favorites was perfect in here
It is one of my favorites this season.

I layered it over this waffle weave coverlet

and piled the pillows on. 
One of my favorite details are the ties on these shams.

And then there is that delicious bed crown
with  layers of breezy beautiful white linen fabric.

I have always wanted a beautiful curved bed crown. One that gathered gorgeous layers of fabric and created a most exquisite detail and design. And when I was putting up the curtains in our bedroom
 I had an idea.
The secret here is sooooo simple. 
This curtain rod is a curved curtain rod- meaning each end curves back to the wall - creating a luscious arch to hang curtains.
It is perfect for beautiful window treatments that have much more depth than a traditional rod
and that curve makes it ideal for using as a crown above the bed.

Simply hang your curtains on it- and you have a beautiful bed. I will share a step by step in a separate blog post shortly to show just how easy it is.
I used just 1 pair of white linen balloon drapery panels -
they are extra full panels and so incredible and they worked beautifully. 

I love how the barn and this little bedroom turned out- and am obsessed with the lighted path leading up to a perfect spot to do a little summer night dreaming.

What do you think of this? 

Shop the look here:

and read more about our pre-fab barn-

Happy Monday all!

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  1. This is absolutely dreamy! 😍 I hope you’ve slept in there. Your bed looks like I could just fall in and sleep for a week! The bed crown is genius - I will soon be trying that!

  2. Oh I completely agree, and having a (duh) moment of why I had not thought of this before. The curtain rod of course. Very clever. Love the barn. Cheers.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and soooooo dreamy!

  4. Any time would be nap time for me. ....dreamy

  5. My imagination is running wild, cup of tea, good book or just laying back listening to the crickets and watching the twinkle lights blow in the breeze. So beautiful!!

  6. Absolutely love the whole vision, head to it♥️

  7. can you list source for bed frame ? thank you