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5 Tips for an Inspired Thanksgiving Table

Sometimes a pile of fallen leaves is just a pile of fallen leaves... and sometimes it is the inspiration behind a simple Thanksgiving table setting. 

I wandered out into the front yard last week and stared at the farmhouse table under the oak tree
that was completely covered in oak leaves.
As were the chairs. And the entire patio.
And instantly, I was inspired to set the table and take a few photos.
Because...that is what normal people do when they see a patio covered in leaves right?

I was thinking autumn. Thanksgiving. 
Something warm and cozy and fall-ish.
And so I played for a bit- and decided to share a few tips for setting an
inspired table for Thanksgiving.

5 style ideas for an Inspired Thanksgiving table

#1. Think Outside the Box...
or just think outside

Most folks think of Thanksgiving tables inside in the traditional dining room.
Which is totally fine- it is called a dining room for a reason-right?
But when thinking of an inspired place to host Thanksgiving- think outside.
Whether you are in the country or in the city- 
take a look at what is just outside your door - but with a fresh look. 

That old palm tree in the corner
the rustic shed or even the fence that separates you from your neighbors-and that oak tree that is a nuisance with all those leaves that drop- but that also looks so inviting- 
those all can be great backdrops for an inspired setting. 
My husband was going to rake the leaves off the patio
and I asked him to wait until after I set the table here. 

#2. Light up the night

One of my favorites for any setting- the twinkles.

Bring on those candles -I like to shop the dollar stores but they don't always have them in white and simple glass- but I found  this set -which is a great one- and
 inexpensive to load up on and create a grouping. 

I like to use 2 or 3 different sizes - but keep them cohesive in the color and glasses containers.
And of course- those string lights.
Above the table, along the fence, on the porch and patio- they are great for adding everywhere. 

#3. Keep it Simple

Because, Thanksgiving is full of warm laughs and warm food 
and a messy kitchen with a sink piled high with dishes...
so keep the place settings simple.

Simple white dishes or a single plate rather than 4 layers.
Mismatched stemware
and grab that collection of silver flatware that is stashed away- 
and leave it tarnished. A little scandalous- I know! haha. :) 
Your table doesn't need to have pristine stacks of elegant china, polished silver and 3 glasses for each place setting to be elegant.

#4. Go Bold

A super simple idea for giving your table a completely different look with just a quick change 
is to swap your usual stemware for a bold colored glass.

Whether vintage or new - they completely change the look of the table instantly.

#5. Add simple elegance
Whether you choose an elegant place setting on repeat,
a lovely bouquet of specialty flowers
or add a delicious touch to the table with velvet linens- simple elegant touches
create a warm and cozy feeling and with a touch of luxury or grandeur.

The velvet napkins and tablecloth on this table are from our 
which is one of my favorite colors because of the soft rosy tint it seems to have
and it just works all year long.

Another favorite is the Silver Leaf.

It doesn't take a whole table full of elegant touches to create a feeling of elegance. 
Sometimes it is the mix and mingle that makes it incredible.

I hope this helps give you some ideas for setting an inspired table for your guests this Thanksgiving
and for everyday occasions too.

Happy Tuesday all. 

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