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2019 Projects & Home Goals for the new year

2019 home projects... there were a few for sure.
When you live in an older house- there are always projects on the list-
 some bigger than others.

Always paint going up somewhere it seems
And always things that have to be fixed, tinkered with or overhauled. 
And sometimes the projects or changes are small- 
and some projects require quite a bit of work, time and commitment to get them done.
And even now... truth be told... 
some are not fully done. 

But today on New Years Eve- 
it is all about some of those home projects we did in 2019- 
and some that are on the list for 2020.

Oh this one was a favorite. 
Well, technically- a favorite of mine because they look so incredible and made such a difference in the way the rooms feel.
But not necessarily a favorite of my husband who had declared more than once
that he and doors do not get along. haha. 
But actually- they got along fairly well this time. :)

We added 3 sets of Simpson Doors French doors to our house - two sets in the living room
and one in the bedroom. And they are so beautiful. The tall wood panel on the bottom makes them feel like they are vintage and I love the thickness of the wood. We had to wait quite awhile for the hardware to actually come in- which is kind of crazy-but I will be updating you on the finished look soon.

Dining Room Cupboard

Because- an antique cupboard covered in the most incredible carvings and 
wearing the most delicious bleached wood patina - is a good thing.

This beauty arrived from Eloquence- and it was love at first sight. 
I have only briefly shared it with you so far- but you will be seeing much 
more of it in the new year.

Adding A Dutch Door

Another incredible door project that made such a difference in the look and feel of our house-
 adding a custom made Dutch Door to the front of the house.

While I was wandering around London and France- I noticed a theme. A door theme.
It seemed I couldn't pass by a pretty door without taking a photo of it. 
And when I got home- I sent a couple of those photos to Simpson Door 
and they designed and built a custom door based off of the photos I shared.

We were able to have the top and bottom be customized heights for our needs, to add seedy glass for a vintage look and they cut the two pieces for us ahead of time so it was ready to go.

This one was a fairly chunky project this year since it required quite a bit of work before we could even start putting this kit together. 
Once we got that done though- the building frame went up in just about a week and it was onto roofing and painting.

This is the STAR BARN from Little Cottage Company and is such a charmer.
We added things like a custom floor, steps, etc. and we have the cupola to get up there on the roof yet- which will require some of the  build team guys to come back to help out. 
But stay tuned for the finished result with the cupola in place-
 and how we end up finishing the inside and other things we are doing with it.

So what about 2020?

Well, we have a few projects on the agenda already.

Fresh Paint and a New Roof

Aside from finishing up with the paint refresh by tackling the little cottage for a new coat of paint
we are also planning on re-roofing the entire house and cottage.
We have started on the house- due to that twice repaired leak in the bathroom roof 
that started leaking again (old houses!)
and we will probably tackle the rest once the rain slows down a bit.

The Barn

Adding that cupola to the barn is going to make it feel completely different for sure
and we are excited to get that done. Along with a couple other things there.

The pretty stuff

Several rooms are ready for a refresh over here- which is not unusual
and the little cottage is top of the list.
Cleaning up and purging those closets.
Refreshing my office.

New projects

We are thinking about some other smaller changes- and some bigger new projects as well
and my husband will tell you that I am always adding things to the list for sure.
And of course, will be sharing whatever we do here on the blog with you all. 

And on this last day of 2019 and a new decade tomorrow- I wanted to say THANK YOU.
Thank you for being here 
for visiting and supporting my blog over the past year and almost a whole decade.
Thank you for your visits, comments, stories you have shared with me and your friendship.
I am so glad you are here and French Country Cottage wouldn't be without all of you.
I am so excited about the New Year and starting a new decade with lots of fun things to share.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve all!!!

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  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for all the inspiration! You are gifted!

  2. Happy New Year to you and all you care about, I hope 2020 is an awesome year for you

  3. I can't wait to see the new doors. 2019 has been an exciting year for you. Isn't it wonderful to walk ahead with eyes wide open wondering what 2020 will bring. I wish for you a blessed year.