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Weekend View and 5 charming paint color ideas for front door

What does your front door say about you? 

Bold and beautiful? Soft & muted? Traditional or on trend? 
Choosing the color for the front door is kind of like choosing the perfect white paint... not as easy as you think it would be.

The color and style of your front door is one of the first things to welcome guests and the color you choose sets the tone for the overall feeling of your home and style.

Today in an early edition of the weekend view-  I am sharing a few of my favorite looks for front door colors- inspired by London.  I took dozens of photos of beautiful homes and doors in London and Paris. The most beautiful doors and colors around every corner.

Gloss Black

I love a glossy black door. 

Paired with brass- it just says elegance and traditional style to me.
 I picture grand white homes with moldings and period details and charm.
 I tend to always prefer a gloss sheen for the front door- and for black that is definitely the look I fall for- but I do love the more muted charcoal black and soft sheen this next one has too.

Gloss White

Surprise surprise- white makes an appearance on the list. 

I love layers of shades of white inside- so why wouldn't I love layers of whites outside as well? Glossy white doors were on repeat in London-they are simple- but so charming and really let the architectural details take center stage.  
I loved it when the houses were all the same color- and when the white was the accent color.
And with the brass? So good.


This is such a dreamy color for a more neutral color scheme but with a bit of vintage style charm. 

This is similar to the color we chose for our front door - we used Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray 

and it is such a perfect subtle shade that has a very historic feeling. 
It also changes with light- sometimes more blue- sometimes more gray green.

You can see more about  our dutch door HERE. 

Glossy  Blue

I love a navy blue door - and maybe one shade lighter than a navy as well. Navy has that richness that black doors have- but it is not as stark.  It is welcoming and warming and goes so beautifully with white exteriors.

And basically all of these colors with brass is pretty much perfection in my mind. 
But these are just 5 of the ones I found again and again in London that inspired me.
There were so many beautiful colors and door details
and for more inspiration take a peek at this post that is all about

And in Weekend View News..

Behind the Scenes

I am working behind the scenes and behind the camera this weekend.  I am shooting a few fun things up the barn that might involve pretty blooms and lots of antique charm. That will be coming your way in the next few weeks.

On a wee break

I am working OFF the blog this week-
 things are being updated and changed over here to make the blog easier for you to navigate, load quicker and basically just work better all around- so I will be doing sideline projects.
And if you stop by and things look a bit wonky - just doing a bit of a shuffle
 I am excited to share the new look with you very soon.

And coming your way-

Travel - Capri & Rome, Italy
Winter entertaining ideas
Natural winter decor
Apricot & Fig brie
and much more.

I will be sending out the first February newsletter soon with all kinds of fun stuff-
and come say hello on Instagram and Facebook  for behind the scenes peeks at what
I am working on.

Happy weekend all.


  1. Beautiful door colors! I learned years ago about high end designers using a certain shade of dark green paint that looks black instead of a true black b/c of the way it reflects light. I thought it was fascinating! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

  2. What kind of flowers are those on the home featured in the doors post?

  3. that brown full wreath with what looks like babies breath is wonderful. details?