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A love of silver

I  admit, I might have a little love affair going on with a few different things...

Like the perfect french chairs
a plethora of ticking stripes, collections of white dishes
those gold scissors- that's a new one ;)
and yes, 
silver is definitely on that ever growing list of things that makes my heart swoon

Tarnished or polished
vintage or new

that soft sheen and patina of silver charms me
and somehow, it always seems to find a way into my rooms and designs


and several pieces of mismatched flatware tied together
 is always a favorite addition to a table

Though I love silver wearing that slightly brassy toned and mottled tarnish
 and leave it that way quite often 
I actually love polishing silver- it's kind of relaxing to me honestly
and of course, silver is absolutely beautiful when it shines

Silver can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion

and for this outdoor table setting
silver adds just the right amount of something-something
to make the table.

A mixed bouquet of white stock
and vibrant greens clipped from our yard create
a simple, natural centerpiece 
and is all that is needed on the farmhouse table.
Add a little bit of silver sparkle in the 'vase', goblets and flatware
and it is perfect.

I am joining a group of bloggers celebrating our love of French inspired designs
hope you will stop by and visit each of them

No matter how you decide to use it,
adding a few found pieces of silver to your home and rooms
is an easy and certain way to add that perfect amount of charm and elegance.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Beautiful uses of your pieces, Courtney. I would love an outdoor table like yours.

  2. I love silver too and your collection is grand! I love how you intermingle them into your decor!

  3. Oh thank goodness I'm not alone. I thought I as the only one who enjoys polishing silver. There is a certain satisfaction in bringing out that sparkle and shine and it gives any setting a special glow. Love your ideas.

  4. Beautiful photos, each one lovely.

  5. Beautiful table!! Luv your outdoor tables Courtney! You reminded me I got a silver champagne set a few months ago. SWEET!!!

  6. Beautiful setting, Courtney! Love it tarnished and polished! Your images are gorgeous!

  7. Love your photos......I also have a pair of gold embroidery scissors that I treasure.......

  8. Love your silver, Courtney...especially the goblets! It does have a way of adding something special to a table! Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  9. The soft gleam of the silver with the white and the texture of the wood - welcoming to all.

  10. Courtney, silver does add the perfect amount of charm and elegance, and you are a master at doing just that! I would love to have a long table for alfresco dining. It looks so French! The silver goblets add a wonderful touch. Going to pin this one. Thanks!
    I've long collected small sewing scissors, and the gold ones are some of my favorites.

  11. Your outdoor setting is beautiful, Courtney. The addition of the pieces of silver to all the other textures on the table says perfection to the eyes of guests, and all of us that are viewing your lovely images.
    I'm always inspired when I come here.

  12. I love your silver teapot and cups! That's funny, I just posted my blog entry today about silver. I found a small set at the flea market. Not as beautiful as yours but I am quite satisfied with it. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Hi, love the silver, could you tell me where you got the white dinner plates? I love the detail on them! Thanks!

    1. Hi! They are from Birch Lane - I just shared them and the link to purchase in this tablescape so you can see more detail if you would like.