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February Favorites

I cannot believe that it is March already.

I swear I just wrote a recap for January post... like last week.
Didn't I?
Time is absolutely zooming by- and spring is just a few weeks away.
I am so ready to jump into outdoor gardening and new planting projects
and of course- wrapping up that makeover we have been working on.
I will share a few idea peeks next week.

So for todays weekend post- it is all about a few February favorites
and a recap of the goings on at French Country Cottage.

Here you go:

What to do when you fall out of love... with your house.

At HomeGoods- I talked about Romancing your winter home 

and over at Lamps Plus Style Illuminated blog- it was all about

Next week - 
soaking up inspiration and knowledge
and I will be sharing from the conference and of course a re-cap on what I learned.

I am also working on finalizing an ebook relating to the talk I am part of at the conference
which is all about working with brands and building long lasting relationships.
Stay tuned for that soon-
as well as another exciting development in the same area.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

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  1. love the photos, hope your having a great weekend. looking forward to seeing what your posting on your new boards