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Random Weekend

This weekend
it is all about catching up... and planning ahead.

Catching up on things like ordering fabric for curtains, a new bag of Shakeology for some ooomph and maybe a little diy transformation that I will be sharing with you on
Tuesday in a special blog tour.

But today-
 let's talk about the randomness of the week.


Oh Sausalito...
 so pretty and so inviting and sooo tempting to just stay longer and longer.

Sausalito is one of those places that is an abundance of charm surrounded by an abundance of beauty. I took a ton of photos- from the ocean to the Marin Headlands (which is where this photo was taken) to the seeming to be everywhere staircases in the city. 

Stay tuned for a larger photo tour- and my recommendation for the BEST place to get a veggie burger  (and friendly bartender) when in town.

Holiday Planning

While I was in the city this week - I had a meeting that involved holiday planning. I know, I know. It is April. I should be doing some summer planning... and I am. But also holiday. And did you know that Balsam Hill and I have some AMAZING things coming your way this upcoming holiday season?  I can hardly to wait to share with you. 

Flower Mart Bliss

You probably saw that photo of the damage I did at the SF Flower Mart... yeah, not as bad as usual- but lilacs, ranunculus and garden roses galore came home with me.
 I am knee deep in photography projects involving these pretties this week- so you will be seeing them popping up here and there for a bit.
Oh and for those of you who asked- a post about those shorts coming your way too. ;)

Fire pit dreaming

Over at the Lamps Plus blog this week- it is all about fire pits and finding the perfect one for you.
 I am sharing a few favorites... let me know what yours is!

A few favorites from blog land this week:

and one  for the road:

And in the housekeeping department...

I am switching my email subscriptions to a new platform
so don't freak out if the email looks different in the next week or so- it is all for the better! 
Plus, my subscriptions will include a newsletter subscription option with behind the scenes photos and news and other things as well.
I am excited.
 So stay tuned- and keep your fingers crossed for an easy move.

Happy random weekend everyone

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  1. My first reaction was, lilacs?!? Than I remembered: California. Even better than the Mediterranean, in some respects. Such pretty pictures!

    1. Yes- they are blooming away over here already! I know in so many places they are not yet- but hopefully soon! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Your beautiful photos make me homesick! Lived in San Mateo for over 30 years.

  3. Wow. So much going on! I love all the photos and even the teasers. I am off now to check out firepits. I was just telling my husband yesterday that I wanted a new one...