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A little story about the perfect charming hammock

A few years ago,
I put up a pretty little  hammock in the backyard.

It was a single size
so just a wee hammock as hammocks go
and it had a sweetest crocheted fringe on the sides of it.

And it was one of those hammocks that called to you to come put your feet up
and take a little nap.

And it was a perfect little siesta spot.
With the warm summer breeze as you swayed back and forth.

Flash forward to my oldest sons graduation party.
It was one of those types of days where several families were throwing parties
and so we all kind of made the rounds.
and our house was the last stop of the evening-
 which meant the sun was behind the trees
and the magic was all turned on.

We fluffed the pillows on the sofas,
lit the lanterns on the paths,
put party music on the ipod outside
and started setting out party food
as guests arrived.

With the music playing out back
and lots of chatting, nibbling  and fun
a few party goers wandered up into the orchard area to take a peek around
and found that hammock waiting there.

Just begging them to sit and relax for awhile.
And they all sat down together
and started rocking away
and rocking away

you could almost hear the creak of the screws as they were pulling from the tree
and the sounds of the rope as it started to unwind...

That hammock gave way
they hit the ground
and started laughing hysterically.

The worst part?
These folks came with friends of ours and we had no idea 
that the guy was the lead singer in a semi famous band.
uhm... embarrassing for sure.

Thankfully, the hammock was low to the ground
no one got hurt
and he and the other friends who all piled in
thought it was hilarious.

And when I ordered the hammock to replace the broken one...
I decided to go with a hammock that was covered in charm with that fringe
 that was oversized
that was sturdy
and that could support several party goers at one time...
just in case.

For those who have been asking where to get this hammock- you can

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. I love this story. Of course, that setup is just a siren song to anybody. "Come here! Come here! You will love it!" it's calling. How could they not obey?
    I bet you they all went out and bought themselves hammocks.

  2. Hilarious! I just heard a similar story last weekend. That is a great memory! xox

  3. A romantic setting to dream away on the beautiful hammock. Ok, I'm curious now, who was the semi famous singer?
    Kathleen in Az

    1. I would have to ask our friends haha! We weren't familiar with him or his music (which is why we didn't know who he was at the time) but we put his bands channel on pandora while he was at the party- and it was pretty awesome. :)

  4. Great story!!! Sounds like a good time was had by all ,too cute.