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Elegant autumn copper & amethyst table under the stars

I have a confession.

Sometimes, I can get a little moody.
And maybe a tad bit dramatic.

This post is in collaboration with All Modern but opinions and moodiness are all my own.

Those light up the room and 20 feet outside the doors

When I am feeling moody- give me candlelight.
Especially if they are wonky candles
in vintage brass candle sticks that are covered in oodles of dripping wax.

While I love the soft color of blush any time of year
and in any mood
sometimes I want something with a rich, elegant feeling
like eggplant, aubergine or amethyst.

Something like these gorgeous red wine stems & white wine stems  will do perfectly

Mixed with coppery rose gold flatware
Well, now that dark 'mood' ...
 is becoming more of a delicious decadent mood.
Instead of one where I am blasting my favorite rock band from high school
and contemplating being rebellious.
(Not that I ever did that.)

And as much as setting a mood filled table speaks bold and beautiful- 
I also tend to crave simplicity on some things.
and plain linen napkins.

Dark and dramatic is totally not my normal look- I realize-
but it is kind of like that post all about changing outfits.
(and noted on the comments that you want to see the outfits next time) 

When that mood strikes- it is all about creating a little drama.
And this table setting definitely brings a little dramatic touch
to a dinner party set out under the stars.

It all started with those wine stems.
Rich, velvety amethyst 

Oh... well, okay, and the rose gold/copper flatware... 
I mean... serious love.

And I kept the table plain - because I love the wood.
I am a huge fan of bare wood with no table cloth on the table.
I know it makes some of you crazy but that weathered wood patina
is a perfect backdrop. 
You can wipe the tabletop down with water and a little bleach to disinfect 
and wait for it to dry before setting up if you like.

A tip when entertaining:

Keep the food simple.
You don't want to be in the kitchen baking away while your guests are mingling.
This blackberry tart was a simple treat that tasted as good as it looked.
(and that was gobbled up pretty quickly after these photos were taken) 

And flowers...
Go with seasonal favorites- and your favorite colors.
I ventured into the yellows this time- because those little poofy charmers were irresistible
and when paired with the blush and soft colors
they take on a slightly more muted tone.
But you can see, my barely blushing cafe au lait dahlias and roses are right there taking center stage.
So, moody- yes... but barely blushing me even so.

For the centerpiece - it was simple.
I started with a layer of eucalyptus
and created 3 bouquets in amethyst water goblets.

(More coming on this styling soon)

And added grapes and other fruit to the mix and called it good.

The Bar Cart
Who says you can't set up an indoor bar cart outdoors for extra party plates and bits
cocktail fixings and just another pretty place to decorate?

A vintage style gold bar cart draped with a few pieces of eucalyptus
was perfect in the corner by the rock wall.
And can we talk about these copper bottomed martini glasses?

So you see, sometimes being 'moody' and a tad bit 
'dramatic' is perfect.

It invites deep conversation that keep going long into the wee hours of the morning.
So make sure to load up on throw blankets for wrapping up with when it starts to get chilly
and keep the dessert warm in the oven for round two.

And then relax and enjoy.

Find all the products I used from All Modern here

I am excited to be joining all of my Farmhouse friends today sharing an autumn table
for another edition of Farmhouse Holidays
Don't forget to stop by and visit each of them- you won't want to miss it.

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Happy 'moody' Tuesday everyone!

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  1. this is just gorgeous, courtney! i love the purples and pinks and the outdoor setting!

  2. Oh wow Courtney! This is such a beautiful and rich color combination. I absolutely love it all!

  3. So gorgeous,Courtney. Love the drama, Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. Gorgeous as always! Never thought of mixing an aubergine with blush but it works so well for you not only the table setting, but also your velvet pillows and that famous blush throw. Personal question: DO YOU EVER SLEEP?

    1. Thanks so much Ginger!! Blush and aubergine (and copper and gold) seem to go together like they are the best of friends! I am loving the mix. And to your question: Definitely not as much as I should sometimes! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  5. I think my favorite thing about your post, besides the fact that it is a stunning set-up all together, is that when you break it down, by how you put it together, it seems pretty do-able-- like you just put everything together that you love and didn't fuss over too many details-- the attention is really the flowers, candles, and eucalyptus garland and the rest just accents it beautifully.

  6. Moody, elegant, relaxing. Enough glitz to sparkle but not overdone. Dripping candles, soft colors, so inviting to linger, enjoying the evening with friends.